Top Ten Books That Make You Laugh So Hard You Almost Pee Your Pants

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from the Broke and the Bookish is a freebie.  Meaning I can do any book related list I want.  I told Patrick this and he came up with a topic he was sure would please me.  The top ten books that make you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants.  Now, a few years ago, this would not be something he would say, let alone encourage me to do.  But, that is what happens.  When you have been married for awhile, you get corrupted.

Without further ado… My list.  Somewhat in jest, somewhat in all seriousness.

  1. Marley and Me by John Grogan.  This book had it all.  It made me laugh (very hard) and cry (not always from laughing) and it made me want a dog (and kids for that matter).
  2. Image via Wikimedia.

    Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish.  These are awesome.  I am not sure whether it is the plays on words or the awkward situations, but they are great.  Even if they are intended for children.

  3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Okay, now, before you all think I am some sort of psychopath, hear me out… Death (the narrator of the story) is hilarious.  Just appropriately sarcastic, he takes pauses to add some light to the situation.  And I like death humor, so death struck me especially funny.  Seriously though, don’t read the book for its humor.  That is only a very small, but significant aspect.  Very small.
  4. My Life as a Human Experiment by A.J. Jacobs.  Pretty much any of his books have an effect of inducing peels of laughter.  This is my favorite.  Nothing can bring about humorous situations like radical honesty and outsourcing one’s life.
  5. Hockey Stories by Don Cherry.  It is Don Cherry and hockey.  What isn’t there to laugh at.
  6. Computers in Nuclear Medicne: A Practical Approach by Kai Lee.  So, you are probably thinking, “Why the heck is this in the list… It is worse than putting in The Book Thief.”  And you are right.  For intentional humor or for pick up a book and enjoy it type humor, this book is surely lacking.  But, it is better to laugh than fall asleep (which is what this book is much better at inducing).  The book was poorly updated, so the introduction talks about the computer as a strange black box, and there is a weird club sandwich analogy that has something to do with hard disks and another about shooting apples off of people’s heads.  Good for a laugh.  Not sure if much else.
  7. Any Harlequin romance novel.  The sappier, the funnier in my books.  Who can’t laugh about ditsy women and prototypical men and awkward romantic encounters made better with superfluous language.  Many people.  But I sure can.
  8. Fail Nation by FailBlog.  Oh yes.  Anything with a fail in it has to be funny.  So, a whole book of epic fails at my fingertips is a glorious thing.  Honourable mentions in this category include things like the books with epic test answers, awkward family photos and the like.
  9. Image via

    I Am Pole (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert.  I read this in entirety in Indigo on one of my traditional Starbucks/Indigo dates with the Child.  So clever, so funny, so stupid.  I wouldn’t pay money for it, but I will look at it again and again in stores.

  10. Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling.  I read a good chunk of this book out loud to Patrick while driving between home and well, home in order to explain my laughter.  Laugh out loud funny statements are thrown around all the time about awkward childhood, adulthood and all kinds of other fun I can relate to.

So, there you have it.  My list of almost pee your pants kind of funny books… And ones that have those kind of funny moments, but probably only for me.

What are some books that you think are so funny you could pee your pants?

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