For salty ocean breeze… Thank you.

It blows my mind how beautiful a world we live in.  Even despite all of the pollution and awfulness and ways we have damaged ourselves and the world around us.  It fascinates me that God created a world with so much beauty, with so much intricacy that despite all of that, we can still enjoy its beauty.  It reminds me that the world is so big and we are so small.  That everything works together to make things this beautiful… The rains and the tides, the wind and the sun, the snow and the clouds…. All of it.

Patrick and I have a tradition of going on a day trip somewhere on long weekends, particularly on those where we can’t go away for more than a day at a time.  On of our go-to spots is a small coastal town called St. Martin’s.  This is a lovely area with plenty of seafood and scenery.  The highlight of the area is a series of caves formed by the tides.  The caves are different every time you go (within reason) and the ocean also almost always appears different depending on the timing of the tides. 

We went there during the Canada Day long weekend and explored the caves and the tide pools.  I took off my sandals and waded through the small rivers formed by the water draining back to the ocean while Patrick hopped over them.  We weren’t the only ones.  Many people were out exploring and enjoying the sunlight and fresh ocean air.

Despite our fallen world and the hurt we experience living in it, I don’t think we can deny the joy that people feel when they are out on a sunny, beautiful day near the ocean.  It perks people up.  Makes them feel more alive.  And that is a beautiful thing.

The whole concept that despite the terribleness around us, there is so much good and so much beauty makes me remember God is there.  That His grace is enough for all of us.  That He can love us to perfection in His eyes.   Just like He maintains beauty in nature despite the harm we have done to it.

JJ Heller wrote a fabulous song about a combination of the beauty in the world and God’s grace.  Have a listen!


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