Family vacation

I survived the weekend of M family reunion PEI goodness.

Actually, it was much better than last year.

I think it is because I know everyone better.  And I better understand family dynamics and that I am not obligated to do every single thing with everybody every minute of the day.  I learned to take a break and sit on the deck alone with my book and read.  And go to bed when I am tired, not when everyone else does.  And… It helped that the weather on Saturday was the worst they had all week, so we had the beach almost to ourselves for a few hours… A nice break.

The rows of picnic table for the whole lot of them to eat together at.

I left the weekend feeling a pleasant level of tired.  And a minimal level of overwhelmed.

In fact, I told Patrick that next year, I could even try to get my vacation during that week so we could go for the whole time… Or at least more of it.

I can’t fully explain the turn of events.  But whatever happened, it worked for me.  And for him.  He was thrilled I had fun this year.

The M family event is something of epic proportions.  Aside from them going out full force to the drive in (bonus was that we somehow made it in time for Ice Age despite us leaving after work), they have all kinds of other group traditions, including a game/treasure hunt and a games night…  Not to be confused with one another.

The game/treasure hunt is a themed series of games/treasure hunt for all of the kids in the family.  Many people play some sort of role in the game and almost everyone comes out to watch.  I missed the game last year.  I have to say, it was crazy… In an awesome way.  It was ninja themed.  So, the kids went through ninja camp with various stations, including boxing, knife throwing (butter knives at watermelons), stealth walking (on bubble wrap), blindfolded person detection and sumo wrestling.  It was a riot complete with costumes.

Knife throwing.

Learning to kickbox.

Sibling rivalry.

The key to walking quietly on bubble wrap… Not applying any pressure on your feet.

Sumo wrestling!

Games night is a time when everyone piles into the “big house” and plays games with a fervor I have yet to see repeated.  I came in second in a rendition of “mess your neighbor” (a card game).  I vacated to bed, but apparently I missed an extremely vicious game of spoons.

We ate a bunch of seafood, including lobster.  In fact, I got given a whole stash of lobster eggs… YUM!  And BBQ was involved.

My favorite part, however is the beach.  I love beach.  Who doesn’t love beach.  The weather may not have been the sunniest on Saturday, but we still hit the water, played in the sand and then the water some more.  Bonus was that it was sunny, so my SPF 45 held out nicely (though, it failed me on the drive home today).  Everyone else left the beach because it was cold and getting darker and the “game” was going to start in an hour.  Patrick and I stayed and we won… The waves suddenly got bigger, but the jellyfish went away.  We even went back to the beach this morning for another walk before we left. 

The beach.

It was a great weekend.  Including the family portion of it all.  I am so happy we had decent weather, great waves and lovely people to share it with.  I am actually looking forward to next year.

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