Missing Church

I really like church.

To some people, that makes me lame… To others it sounds perfectly reasonable.

I had this discussion with one of my other mothers a few weeks ago.  She was laid up after a bout of pancreatitis and couldn’t get out of the house, let alone go to church.  The first week she got out, she said it felt so good.  Not just because she was getting out of the house or because she was seeing people, but because it just feels right to go to church.  To be with other believers, to learn and grow.

I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

So, as a result, I am starting to feel a bit deprived.

Last week, we missed out on church because we were out enjoying the loveliness of PEI with Patrick’s family.  This week, I have been on call all weekend and despite trying to go in to round early this morning, I had a couple people who became quite unwell and I had to stick around to do investigations and talk with families.  I love my job, so that is fine, but I still was sad to miss out on church.

Meanwhile, Patrick has started the church hunt without me and scoped out the first place.  He reported back it was friendly and Biblically sound and he even thinks it is worth a second look visit with me in tow!

Despite there being good reasons for missing church, I can’t help but feel a bit sad.  Although I can pray and read my Bible and such on my own, the whole teaching and group worship thing is really valuable and a refreshing chunk of my week.

I had a patient agree with me on this one.  She was asking me if there was a church service today at the hospital.  The particular building we are at does not have a service.  She was a bit disappointed.  I wish I could have taken her to the service.  But, I had those other emergencies to tend to.  She was telling me that church is usually one of the highlights of her week.  Something about praising God with other people.   I agreed.

So, Patrick being the lovely spouse that he is thought it would be a good idea to go to church at night, so long as I didn’t get called.  And we would have BBQ first (the BBQ was one of the most challenging things I ever assembled… I am pretty sure we are lucky to have not blown ourselves up).  The BBQ took longer than expected, especially because the wind was unusually strong today and blew it out… Twice.    So, we missed any 6:00 services… The start time of the majority.

Patrick, however, had driven past a church that had a 7:00 service this morning.  So, we went there.  And almost went down a one-way street to get there only to discover the evening service is at 7pm September to June.  Fail.  We were two months early for church.

Despite being a bit discouraged, we went for a walk and enjoyed some of God’s creation.  It was quite lovely.  We only got partly lost for a period of time.

I think it is good that I feel that way about church.  A church is just a building, but it is good to worship with others, whether it is a small group, your family or a random gaggle of people.  Even in the Old Testament, people got together for worship and prayer.  We see it tons in the New Testament church.  If it was good for them back then, it must be good for us now.

Because we value it, we will continue to church hunt.  I look forward to us finding a church we can call home.  I am also pumped that we can do it together.

Please, share your thoughts!

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