Awesomeness with my ENTIRE program

Tonight was the first official Resident Fun Night of Awesomeness (trademark).

Translation, all of the residents from my program went kayaking.  ALL of us and our spouses.

Further translation… That totals 6 people.  Four residents, two spouses.

Yes, my program is small, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I am used to being in small things.  My “entire” family growing up consisted of three people (including me).  My “entire” undergrad class was 6 people (including me).  And now, there are four people in my program.

I enjoy knowing a few people well than a lot of people not so well, so it works.

I have never been kayaking before, so this was a treat.  Patrick and I shared a double kayak.  My control issues shone through, but I still think we did pretty well.  And the trip was a hit, even though we all would up getting there later than planned.  It was good to hang out for a bit and laugh and be active. 

Afterward, we had a BBQ at sunset on the dock.  Food, the beauty of nature and new friends… Awesomeness.  Just like the name of the night.

We think we may just do it again sometime!


2 thoughts on “Awesomeness with my ENTIRE program

  1. Yay! Chief Resident mandated Fun Night of Awesomeness was truly epic. Fun times, they shall return to a theatre near you in November.

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