My Olympic Sport

The Olympics start today.  I know tons of people are thrilled.

I too find the whole thing rather exciting.  I mean, it must be cool to be so athletically abled that you can run or jump or swim or do something to an international competitive level.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an olympic swimmer.  I could swim.  I was good, for a kid.  And that was my dream.  I am pretty sure every kid had some sort of dream like that.

But, as it turned out, I developed other interests.  And I lack athletic ability (I may or may not have broken a finger once rolling a basketball on the floor).

They say, those who can’t play coach.  I can’t play, but I am a fair spectator… So long as I find the sport interesting.

My strengths lie in other areas… Some of the more, well, geeky ones.  Like music.  Or trivia type stuff.  Only certain types of trivia.  Because I don’t remember things that aren’t important to me… Like movie stars or geography.

I remember in high school, we had a stellar Reach For the Top team.  Like  they made national finals kind of good.  I wasn’t on it.  I wasn’t interested.  I have a poor reaction time and wasn’t really all about that sort of thing.  And again, I am very selective in what I remember.  But, they were like the brain athletes of high school.  Pretty cool (now… not so much then).

Today, we had Paraneoplastic Syndrome Jeopardy as a part of resident clinical rounds.  A paraneoplastic syndrome is a condition that people develop as a result of something your body produces against a tumor or something the tumor itself makes.  It is pretty physiologically cool.  Not so much cool for people’s health.  Anyway, we are generally weak in these sorts of things, as there are tons and they can be pretty obscure.  So, the resident presenting today thought it might be fun to do a Jeopardy style learning activity complete with prizes for the top three competitors.

It was a low turnout for rounds today with vacation and such.  The crowd consisted of myself and another resident, a med student, they physics resident and three attendings.

The person running the game took it very seriously.  She made us call her “Alexa Trebeck” and required us to all have our own buzzer noises (I must say, I was the only on who used it consistently) and phrase our answers in the form of a question.  We were all terrible at using the form of a question for our responses.  She almost beheaded us all.

Somehow, I won.  And thus, I got to pick a prize.  I chose a pack of three water guns from the dollar store.  What I will do with them, I am not sure.  The department head came in second.  The 5th year resident came in third.  They won a Frisbee and a Velcro glove and ball set, respectively.

This is my Olympics.  Something I care about enough to try at and win a cool prize.  Sure it is all in fun and nobody really cares, but that is as close to real competitive sport as I seem to get (that and throwing balls or Frisbees with friends… And again, that gets dangerous when I am around).

But, on a more Olympic related note, I love watching everything swimming because I still love it best even after all these years.  Close head runners also include diving and synchronized swimming (suspiciously similar) and gymnastics (I always wanted to try them… At least when I was little, but I wasn’t allowed to because I dislocated so easily).  Just in case you wanted to know.

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