Last weekend with the tall ships, we had fireworks every night for the ENTIRE weekend.  Patrick loves fireworks.  I mean, he seriously loves them so much, he has left a group dinner on his own to go view them.  So, this was amazing for him.  Even better is that we live near the water, so we can see them from our deck.

I was on the phone or researching information for pages for the first two nights and really didn’t enjoy them.  But, the last night, we went out on the deck and took them in… And took a few pictures.

Fireworks are really pretty and even though loud noises freak me out, I quite enjoy them.  

Also, I learned at work that firework injuries are rarer than we are sometimes led to think with public safety warnings and the like.  Probably for the best that we continue to put the fear of God… er… fireworks into people anyway… Anything that can potentially blow your face off is a good thing to stay safe near.

Please, share your thoughts!

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