Saturday adventures and misadventures

This Saturday, we had visitors.  It was lovely.  Along with the visitors, we had a few adventures and misadventures of sorts.

We went for a walk downtown and hit up the market, where as one of us put it, we “had our backs stroked by strangers a million times.”  On the way home, we stopped at a touristy store and found this…

Yes, it is a cat sleeping on a pile of t-shirts.  Patrick and I saw the same cat last week on a ship, where he apparently lives.  However, he likes to go to this store and sleep on shirts.  One kid thought he might be dead.  But, no… Just really used to people and fast asleep.

Later in the afternoon, the Child and I went on a field trip to the university bookstore.  The boys stayed home.  Apparently not everyone gets as excited about bookstores like we do.

The thing is, the boys were disappointed that we disappeared for significantly longer than anticipated, so we missed out on swimming.  You see, we found the big bookstore no problem, but I needed a textbook, so we decided to swing by the health sciences bookstore too.  Easier said than done.  A sign kindly told us to go to the “back entrance” on evenings and weekends.  We tried every door in the building.  The only one that opened was super creepy and the stairwell smelled like pee.  Lucky.  In the end, we came home without a textbook, but the Child had a new university pen.

Because the boys wanted to go to the beach, we then field tripped to the beach.  We all didn’t bring stuff to swim in.  It turned out to be gorgeous and we all almost got dunked at one point or another and enjoyed frolicking in the waves… Okay, the Child and I frolicked.  The boys laughed at us and intermittently tried to throw us in.

Tea and the sea. What a combination.

Significant risk for getting dunked.

Escaping dry… This time.

Frolicking in the ocean!

To wrap up the day, we decided to have a BBQ.  The way the wind was blowing led to the smoke blowing into the apartment.  Our smoke detector went off.  I screamed and flapped and hit the reset button.  Things seemed fine.  We sat down to eat and could still hear what sounded like a smoke detector going off in the distance.  Then… The most terrible noise started.  It was the building fire alarm.  We half laughed and wondered if we did it and hoped not.  We went down and outside.  Strangely, some people stayed in the building despite the noise and such… Even up on the 16th floor.  Turns out it wasn’t us… Just a strange coincidence.  Thank goodness.  We were eventually allowed back in… And took the 11 flights of stairs up to the apartment (ugh… bad idea).  I was more grateful we weren’t the source of the evacuation and that we could go back inside.   I finally got to eat the rest of my supper.  And enjoy some fireworks.

It was a fun day.  A few unexpected and unusual adventures, but fun.


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