Beautiful notions in a new rotation

I just started a new rotation in another city.  And even better… It is my hometown where I grew up.

But, better than that, I am getting to experience a few beautiful notions.

One… The travel day.  As a part of our contract, we are given 24 hours to relocate to a new hospital outside of our base city.  So, I was off from noon yesterday until 2pm today.  We drove up last night and had the morning to sleep in, unpack and even get some groceries.  This is much better than the regular dash I have made in the past during clerkship over a weekend.  Okay, it is less time, but it feels better than coming in the evening and starting first thing the next morning,

Two… Self scheduling.  This particular rotation allows me to self schedule my call.  Now, this is wonderful for a number of reasons… Actually knowing my schedule for the next two months is a big one.  But also, I get to choose which weekend I work and what nights I do according to my other plans or potential plans.  This optimizes my remaining summer.    And also, the self scheduling helped me to be sure that I got only 7 call in per month, thus reducing the risk for having to explain myself to payroll.

Three… Cloud coverage.  It sounds foolish, but it has been so ridiculously nice for so long where we have been living, we have hardly had any rain and it has been so hot, we have been always roasting.  This was even more defined after Jag’s air conditioning decided to cease functioning for the four hour drive home in the sun.  Today somehow, it is cloudy and a bit rainy.  And there is a slight breeze.  It may still be humid, but this is the weather I grew up with and was starting to miss a bit.  It is nice to not sweat and breathe a bit.

Four… Because I am from here and happen to have done electives here in the past year, I got to skip out on a ton of hospital orientation.  This left even more of the day to see my husband and have birthday cake for his uncle with his family.  Big win.

Five… I am home.  And although everyone is busy in their own ways, it is nice to at least have the option to see people every now and again.  At least the theoretical option is there.  I just need to convince people that one can take breaks from studying and weddings and all that good stuff to relax (Strange coming from the intern… My work ethic is just a bit “different” by times).

Thus, the awesomeness of my new rotation.  That and our rather nice accommodations.  I am actually surprised that they are this good given what I heard from some of the others.  It will be a good couple months.

Please, share your thoughts!

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