Custom drinks

I have previously mentioned my love of personalized Starbucks drinks.  One of my new favorites this summer is compliments of some of my lovely friends back on the Rock who spent a good chunk of their undergrad perfecting their Frappuccino orders.  The bought me my first one before I left.  You should try one too.  Just saying.

Image from… I can’t believe there is such a website.

Get a Chai Frappuccino.  Sounds simple enough… But no… They modify it.  Get a Chai Frappuccino, double Chai, double blend and with dolce sprinkles.  This results in a smoother, more chai filled cup of deliciousness.  Do it.

This, just so you know is the only drink that I now order regularly in this specific a manner (really, I often skip the double blend because I don’t mind the ice bits, but it does make a difference).

I have never worked in a coffee shop, but I wonder sometimes if it is a bit bothersome when people get so particular.  I know, it is your job, but are there days when you just don’t feel it and the particular people annoy you?  On the other hand, I think it would be fun to be a chemist/scientist sort of person, but with coffee.

My only conclusion is that when you need to make that much effort to order a drink, it has to taste like said effort.   I would start doing that more often, but then I would have to remember another formula and be that specific.  Honestly, I don’t want to take the time or bother.  Unless something as truly delicious as this comes along again!


2 thoughts on “Custom drinks

  1. Sounds yummy but there is no mocha in it! It took me a while to teach my husband how to order my drink. He still sometimes forgets a part. I think it’s like a poem with a wonderful ending.

    • Love the drink poetry!
      It is one of the few non coffee based drinks I consume there. My husband won’t order it for me… Too much to remember. He does well with latte and usually forgets the non fat. I love that he gets me coffee anyway!

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