Song Mime.

I have these lovely friends who love dancing in the car as much as I do.  Yes, car dancing.  We are those people you see at stop lights rocking out to colorful tunes like Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” complete with actions.  If you have laughed at us, we understand.  We laugh at ourselves.

In fact, I enjoy making up actions to all sorts of songs.  It is kind of what I do when I get bored in choir practices, during Singstar nights or, really, whenever I feel like it suits a song.  I don’t perform these actions (clearly, that is the little piece of the puzzle that takes it too far), unless of course it is for Vacation Bible School and all of the kids are forced to do them with me.

Thus, when the Child showed me these videos of this guy who is basically a professional song-action-maker-upper, I couldn’t help but be thrilled and amazed.  His name is David Armand, and he has been featured on a British and American comedy show reminiscent of the past “Whose Line Is It Anyway” called “Fast and Loose.”  He mimes songs.  And he is good at it.  Yes, his miming can be a bit crude.  Not everyone’s taste.  But, the fact that he actually mimes songs is just hilarious and pretty darn cool.

Really, miming and songs kind of sound like they don’t go together.  Music is noise.  Miming involves not making noise.  But, it works in a funny way… Kind of like the term “jumbo mini sip.”

For your mime watching pleasure, a YouTube video (PS… There are at least 10 of these.  We may or may not have watched all of them in a single sitting… True story).



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