Weeping Willow

I really like weeping willow trees.

It is more of a disturbing sort of fondness.

I enjoy that they look so forlorn and dramatic.  Melancholy might be a good descriptor.  Like something from a poem or a good book.

My dream is to have one in my yard and sit underneath it to read.

Weeping willows are kind of like some people to me in some ways.  They are hearty and strong, but can appear weak.  The can have strong roots, but look like they are sagging.  They may have a sorrowful exterior to some, but really, that is just how they look (kind of like people who always look angry, but that is just their face).

Working in oncology, I have noticed that a number of people are weary and worn down from the treatments and their disease.  Some look like they are on their last legs.  Other just look like themselves.  But, the interesting thing is that most people are stronger than they appear.  They have taken all that disease and medicine have thrown at them and they are still living their lives.  They make it through with grace and poise.  Even if on the outside, they have thinned and appear more grey.  Like the weeping willow, they are still awesome somewhere inside and, really, they are still beautiful on the outside too, even if not everyone sees or feels it.  Even through storms, both people and weeping willows continue to stand, despite the exterior appearance.

Weeping willows are a thing of beauty because they are unique and created in that way, just like people.

When we were in London, I saw a number of weeping willows in Hyde Park.  It was exciting for me.  I even had a picture underneath one.  You would think I saw some sort of superstar.


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