Oh, to have a pet

I have never really had a pet.

Okay, not quite true.  I did have fish for a couple years when I was around 5.  I was super creative and named them things like Spot and Goldie.  One offed himself by leaping out of the tank.  Eventually, my parents decided that enough was enough and we stopped with the fish.  When I was 16 and working at cadet camp, my friend V and I had fish, as well.  The first summer, we had Mac and Cheese and in an unfortunate turn of events, Mac ate a chunk out of Cheese (after we made jokes it would happen).  The second summer, we went through boot and polish, then polish and cloth, then cloth and kiwi (polish and cloth were still alive for their second pairing)  and then we realized we had three fish die in about a two weeks and decided to call it quits.

There was also this phase when I was around 9 when I kept worms.  Earth worms.  I even built them a full size habitat.

A man up the road had a small hobby farm. He let me name and take care of a rabbit and a goat.

My mother used to tell me she was allergic to dogs and cats, that is why we couldn’t have one.  Turns out she is terrified of dogs, not allergic.  And I was the one who was allergic in the end.

That is my pet resume.  Obviously, it is a bit lacking.

Patrick, on the other hand, has had a number of pets over the years.  He wants to get a cat.  I do too, but more out of curiosity than the same sense of necessity.

So, when our friend V asked us to cat sit her two Siamese cats (brothers), we agreed.  They are super cute and, well, it will help feed Patrick’s longing for a pet.  And maybe I will learn how to take care of one.

I have never taken care of a pet before.  I went to the house on that first day on my own and realized I have never cleaned a litter box and, really, I don’t even know how their little refillable water jug thing works.

I figured it out.  I also spent the entire time I was cleaning the litter box convinced I was going to develop Toxoplasmosis however irrational it is.  It really isn’t too bad.  Not as gross as changing adult diapers… Just saying.

And both cats are still alive.  This is good, especially given one hid most of my first time there and I had an irrational concern that it died somewhere in the house and I would not find it until it started to smell and/or it somehow escaped.

It is a fun trial run pre real pets.  So long as I don’t develop Toxoplasmosis.  And given that is extremely unlikely with a good immune system, I may just get a real pet of my own (and Patrick’s own) at some point.

3 thoughts on “Oh, to have a pet

  1. Growing up, we always had pets, and I continued the tradition as an adult. Let’s see, I’ve had pet rats, mice, frogs, turtles, gerbils and guinea pigs. I’ve always had a dog or two. Once I had a pure white cat named Opie who was deaf. Our vet told us that over 80 per cent of blue-eyed, white cats are deaf. Weird, huh?

    Some people say cats have no personality, but that’s not true at all. And, it can be very therapeutic to pet them. Enjoy your pseudo-pet kitties! =)

    • Wow! That is a lot of pets! The friend who owns the cats always had a few cats and the odd hamster or bird or something. The whole notion is fascinating to me.
      I did not know that most blue-eyed, white cats are deaf. Interesting.
      Cats totally have personality! And I am loving the cuddles so far with my pseudo-pets!

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