Radio what?

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon today geeking it out.

That is kind of what I do best.

It was academic half day and where classes haven’t officially started yet,  I had the afternoon to spend doing independent study and research.  I finished my online sessions for the month that are required for all first year residents (and learned some fascinating things about work-life balance and concepts about work hour restrictions… more on that some other time).   I then went on to have a great time being a nerd.

Patrick was out doing laundry and such, but I stayed home… Because I was theoretically supposed to be studying.  And that is precisely what I did.

I settled in on the couch with my radiobiology textbook and hammered through some basic theories on how radiation kills tissues and mechanisms of tissue repair after radiation injury.  To the background of this, I put on some of the new music I recently downloaded.

Now, some people would argue that listening to awesome music while studying is nerdy, and some might argue that it is my music choice that makes me a bit nerdy, but honestly, I just like music… And radiobiology.

My two most recent downloads are the newish Sigur Ros CD Valtari and the Classic Crime CD fresh off the presses, Phoenix.

Both very different.  Both very awesome.

Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band with a very interesting sound, kind of orchestral and instrumental, but it has a strong rock undertone with beautiful vocals…  Almost all of which I don’t understand because I can’t speak their language.  This band is the reason I one day want to go to Iceland (clearly, not the best logic).  The new CD does not disappoint and provides epic background for reading complex topics.

Classic Crime is a rock band who always have clever lyrics.  The songs are such that they make you think, keep you pumped and make you think all at once.  With one listen, I already know this is on par with their other work and will be on the play list for some time.

And in case you were wondering, the book, Basic Clinical Radiobiology is not really anything to call home about.


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