In touch

I suck at keeping in touch with people.

Seriously.  Suck is actually an appropriate word.

I love people.  I like working with them and knowing them, but I am not the mindful sort.

I don’t send greetings with pleasantries.  I forget birthdays and most other significant days.  I don’t have the time or the get up and go to send Christmas cards to everyone I know.

I care.  And when I see those people again, I am happy to see them.  I love getting updates.

The few people I keep in touch with from when I first moved away include my Nuc Med class (whoo Team Nuc Med) and the ladies I worked with at the Hospice.  And, of course my church people when I come home and the best friends I have had since forever.  There are more people I could keep in touch with, but those are the ones I manage to stay in touch with the most.

Now, I have moved again and the list of people I should be keeping in touch with has grown.  Eeep!

However, somehow, I have managed thus far to stay in touch (at least sort of) with most of the people I should from that crew of people.

I have been texting with a few school friends to get updates on the adventures of settling into new cities.  I got semi-play-by-play updates on one first ICU call rotation.

Yesterday, I got some awesome news… I found out that one of my friends from small group finally got her permanent residency in Canada.  This is something she has been working on and waiting on for over a year.  So, this is truly an answer to prayer.

The cool thing is that despite living in a different place, I still feel connected.

I still can’t wait to go back and visit that group of friends.

Today, I also made steps towards getting in touch with some people I usually see while I am home that I have not yet seen.  I am excited to get to spend some time catching up.  It always feels good to have some quality time with lovely people who you don’t get to see on a regular basis.

Please, share your thoughts!

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