I spent a lovely day with family today.  More on those adventures some other time (though, they involve sports, farm animals and the scrambler, just to give you a taste).

I was remembering on the ride home that some of the posts I take most interest in are posts where people just write random life tidbits… Which I do from time to time.  But, seriously, this is a post of random tidbits that are not in the least bit interlinked.  This works well for my kind of tired brain.

Last Sunday, I ironed the dress I wore to church and then work with a flat iron… Like one I would do my hair with.  I would like to note that most of the dress wasn’t that wrinkled and that I do own an iron (just not in this city) and that the two irons on loan to me at this time were present, but by the time I noticed the wrinkles, the dress was on and I was in the process of doing my hair… Let the record show, I did not burn myself.

I finished reading Sarah’s Key this weekend.  I would like to note that it was impossible for me to read this book in public… Because I cried the whole time.  Seriously.   I wept incessantly from about page 2 on.

This past Friday, I suspect I may have given myself a mild concussion throwing out trash.  Picture early morning breakfast and lunch making, me powerwalking and a garbage can in front of a wall.  Head down, straight into the wall… As if it wasn’t there and/or I was trying to plow my way into the next room… Felt the jolt clear to my tailbone.  Patrick slept through the whole thing.

I am at war with our coffee table.  It keeps attacking my knees.  I keep failing to get out of the way.

I have had multiple conversations with my friend V’s cats.  Something I have never really done before.  I may be going crazy, but there is something strangely fun and therapeutic about the whole pet thing.  They really play me on when they meow in response.  Kind of like a real conversation… Kind of.

I get super excited now to come home from work and…. Watch Gilmore Girls.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I love that show.  It almost kills me that it is also make super time and also greet one’s spouse time.  Because I am off work and GG is on.  Don’t worry, I still eat and hang with the spouse.  While watching the show.  This is our first time with cable in 4 years!

My anniversary present came in a Disney Princess bag.  And I was excited about the packaging.  Just saying.  One is never to old to love a good Disney princess.

Patrick and I went to Costco this week.  I walked around in awe, kind of like a kid in Disney world.  Not my first time in Costco.  Always the same reaction.

So, there we go… Some random real life tidbits. Can you relate?

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