Sporting, farming and fairs… A day with family.

As I alluded to yesterday, Patrick and I took a field trip to have a night away and also spend some time with family.

This particular chunk of family consists of my Aunt (who due to an unusual age distribution in our family is half mother and half sister type figure to me), her husband and their three kids… Twin 10 year old boys, C1 and C2 and their almost 5 year old GL.  They are a lovely crew who live in a village and have a farm.  True story.

The trip up was half motivated by our wanting to see this gang and partly because the village they live in was having a town fair and the kids had some of the animals and other projects they were working on in the fair.  Extra bonus… The kids were in a soccer tournament and C1 also had a hockey game… Things we had been wanting to see for ages, but have lived too far away to get to see.

So, we tagged along for the soccer adventures where C1’s team won his games and he got a hat trick (interesting because he also claims his claim to fame on the team is that he always wears a hat).  Then, it was off to another field to catch GL’s two games.  Nothing is more entertaining than watching a few under 6 teams have at the ball.  GL got four goals (I think only one actually counted because for three of them, the other team was off having a drink break).  She also played a bit of goal, all the while being coached from the sidelines by C1, her goalie big brother.

Meanwhile, there were also the adventures of Patrick and C2, who love to play robot or monster or something and tell stories for ages.  I am generally the target of their adventures… “I hear get Trisha” and next think I know, they are removing my limbs, or tickling me or something.

Patrick and C2 having a story moment.

Other bonus to all of this… Catch up time with my Aunt.  Being away, I haven’t had much of a chance to see her and such, so it was good to just get to sit and chat a bit.   And question how the kids are so athletic when we are so not.

Patrick and I also took a field trip to the rink (the nice, cool rink… a beautiful thing relative to the oven, which is our car) to see C1 play hockey.  Despite only starting to play last fall, C1 is a pretty good goalie.  In fact, he just spent a week at goalie camp, so he is even better now.  And he has been itching for us to see him play.  He give me regular updates through his Dad’s Facebook on his game status, his stats and all that good stuff.  It has broken my heart that we haven’t had a chance to see him play.  The first thing he asked when we appeared Saturday was if we were going to watch his hockey.  And of course we did.  We watched his team to a 7-5 win… C1 only let in two goals after coming in when they were down 2-3!   I resisted the urge to be that embarrassing Aunt despite Patrick trying to convince me to cheer loudly (oh, the kids call us their Aunt and Uncle, again due to the unusual family age distribution).  I just can’t be loud like that.  Probably comes from having a loud mother and other mothers.

Ready for action.

Then, it was the trek to their village and the fair.

The kids are a part of the 4-H club (I was amazed to learn 4-H still existed when they started there two years ago… I thought it was just something from books when I was a kid).  So, the 4-H group submitted a bunch of projects and have their animals at the fair to show off.  It was pretty cool.  There was an obnoxious goose that would quiet down when its owner would tell it to use its indoor voice, full-size cows and some baby cows, lots of goats, a few young sheep (that C2 loves to cuddle with), pigs, chickens and rabbits to boot!

Embracing the fair with this fun photo cut out in the barn.

We saw the crafts that GL won first prize for (a butterfly and a photo poster) and C2 won third for (a rocket ship).  C1 showed us his ambitious undertaking of making bread for the fair.  He entered his bread with the adults  and although he didn’t get a prize, it was still awesome because he undertook such a big thing.  He pointed out the winner was 31 and therefore had a lot more loaves of bread under her belt.

We even hit up the rides section of the fair… All 6 of them.  One thing of note were those giant hamster balls that you can run around in.  I was impressed with those… So were the kids.

We, however opted to get on the scrambler.  The whole crew of us minus my Uncle who was stuck (or lucky enough depending on how you look at it) with the animals), went on the Scrambler.  This is quite a feat because C2 is nervous about pretty much everything and GL is, well, very small.  Somehow, we all got on and it was a great time.  C2 and GL loved it.  C1 had gone on yesterday and had a blast, but reported it was much better this time, probably because the only little kid was his sister this time.  I love things like that from a kid’s perspective.  C2 was so excited, he told us it was just like being on a rocket ship, or being a cowboy, or maybe cookie beaters.  He shrieked and cackled the whole time.

We managed to leave with a collection of cucumbers and drowsy eyes.  We took an inadvertent scenic tour home down one of my favourite stretches because it has a ton of weeping willow trees.

It was a great day with some lovely family.  I am glad we are closer to home so we can do this more often.

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