“Did you get any of them there, uh, samosas?”

I love random inside jokes and bits of humor that make no sense to anyone else but myself and a few others.

This weekend, I got to live out one of those jokes.

I worked with this girl who, whenever anyone went to a particular market, she would as, “so, uh, did you get any of them there, samosas?” (samosas was said with a slight lisp).  Every time.  And she thought of samosas as some sort of very rare delicacy (which at the time, in a way, they were).

After about a year of hearing this question at least once a month, it started to strike myself and another friend of ours, J (my MCAT buddy) quite funny.  She knew this.  She kept doing it anyway.  So, we told our friends.  And somehow along the way, to make each other laugh, we would just randomly as “did you get any of them there, uh, samosas” with a slight lisp.  Terrible, I know.

And eventually, it came up when V, L and I were going up into the choir loft.  And then, every Sunday either V or I would ask the other two the question on the way in to sing in church.  And laugh.  I am pretty sure the over arching concept is a bit sacrilegious.  Whoops.  We would walk out with the choir with giant smiles on our faces from a weird, random statement repeated by someone who had since outgrown their fascination with samosas.

I still have a hard time leaving the choir room without saying it… Problematic, given we don’t always stand together or sing together any more.

Then, this weekend, I went to that market.  And we were walking in when I saw a big sign… Samosas.  It was a sign.  We clearly needed samosas.  At 9am. 

So, I bought samosas.  One for me and one for Patrick.  They were a good bargain at a dollar a piece.  And delicious and well worth the laugh that we went to the market and, “got some of them there, uh, samosas.”

I was so excited that I photographed the moment.  In a bad, unflattering moment.

And then I texted the picture to the friends.  Because they would appreciate the humor.

Sometimes those bits of random humor get you through tough times, like singing at funerals and stick with you for years.  Even after a normal person would stop finding humor in it.

On another note… I really, really like samosas.  Particularly the samosas from this market. And real Indian food restaurants.  I could eat them in mass.   Just so you know.


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