Simple things that keep me smiling

Sometimes little strange things make me happy.

Those sorts of things that make me fairly certain most other people would not be equally thrilled about.

For example, Patrick bought me an anniversary present and gave it to me in a Disney Princess bag. There was more awesomeness inside… A punch card for 10 free lattes/mochas/cappuccinos at Java Moose a local and delicious coffee chain and a brand new Bible. I was super excited about the coffee. Really, most people would be. But, I was thrilled about the Bible. I have been using the same teen edition NLT that I bought when I was 18 with L (she still has the same one as well). Although I know it doesn’t matter what type of Bible one has, it does matter that I still have been laughing at the “Here’s What I Did” sections with kids who are 14 talking about peer pressure and the “Hot Topics” being relevant, but voiced to people who are in high school… Not the real world and married. And I was too cheap to get a new one. But Patrick isn’t. It is pretty and grown up and has not one, but TWO study guides in it. That totally caters to the geek in me. So, I have been thrilled about it… To the point of needing to take a picture of it and telling people here.

If you need more proof… I ordered textbooks in Radiation Oncology from Amazon last week. Almost my full book allowance worth of texbooks. One came earlier this week and I was pretty pumped. But, then Mom texted saying that the rest appeared to have arrived. So, the next chance we had, Patrick and I went on a field trip to see my parents… And get my textbooks. The box weighs as much as an infant, but it is so lovely to have fresh books. Especially big books too. I do like big books.

I get so excited about a good song on the radio or surprise McDonalds, you would think I got concert tickets or a gourmet meal.

My idea of an awesome night out can be as simple as a drive through the country listening to music on the iPod and getting ice cream. Patrick jokes that I am a cheap date in that sense.

A new stationary item is enough to make me smile for ages. Same with a new musical item.

One of the highlights of my being home in September is that the Missions Conference my church does will be happening while I am home. There aren’t a heap of speakers. It isn’t a big deal even in the local community. But, for whatever reason, I have loved it since I started going to church there. And I haven’t been to this in four years. So, I am ecstatic to be able to go, even if it is mostly the same people that are there every time.

Sometimes a simple movie scene, like the Bennie and the Jets scene in 27 Dresses (actually, this was a whole post) and there is this scene in the new The Odd Life of Timothy Green movie will keep me smiling and laughing to myself intermittently for days… It involves singing Low Rider… Need I say more?

I guess it is good to be easily amused. And I know these things aren’t that strange. There are others out there just like me. Maybe not the full combo, but some similarities.

Addendum… We went to the beach this afternoon. And I remembered waves make me ridiculously, frolick and squeal with delight kind of happy. Also, Patrick and our friend D get that kind of joy from building forts in the sand.

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