It was an eventful Sunday.

So, I will write about something less eventful and quick today.

Sometimes, when I am bored, I like to play game on my phone. One of my favorites, in particular is a game I downloaded before Europe because some friends were playing it on his iPad (all the time!).

The game is Settlers of Catan.

I remember people playing it in mass at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship retreats and such. I was never in to it… It looked boring to me.

Our small group friends (the ones that play all kinds of games) introduced me to the board game version. And then the phone version.

I started to play it in line for customs in London. I figured I could actually learn the rules and such because I quite sucked at the real version.

I became hooked. My goal was to figure out how to win. And then it was to keep winning.

Now, I play it only when I have spare time, but I do enjoy it greatly, though I have a grudge against some of the computer players and their pre programed comments (which is crazy, I know).

I recommend trying the game (real or computer version) at some point to bring out your inner settler. Just beware, you may get hooked.

Please, share your thoughts!

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