Going back to our youth… Sort of.

This evening, we got to spend some time with a childhood love of ours… Goosebumps as brought to us by our lovely “nephew” C1.  He is hooked on them and got about 20 for $5 the other day.  Patrick and I were picking through them and discussing the stories and finding the ones we read.  It was a good time.  Especially when I told C1 the books were made into a TV show and he asked if it still existed… Sadly, no (at least not that I know of with respect to new episodes).

I have had a few throwbacks to the past lately.  Last month, we had a channel that was showing marathons of some of my childhood favorite TV shows.

We watched the classic Family Channel show Are You Afraid of the Dark with C&C, our friends from our small group back on the Rock when we visited them a few weeks ago.  Less scary than we all remembered.  And yet, the same.  On another note, where the heck were those kids’ parents and why were the allowed in the woods late at night?

Finding Nemo is coming out in 3D and I am super pumped for it.  Even if 3D movies give me migraines.

I acquired the rest of the Little House series of books from L (who knew she just had them all stashed in her room this whole time!?) and am embarking to read the rest of them.

Earlier this week, the Child and I borrowed my parents’ car to go to a shower for L while Patrick was back in our new home getting ready for a job interview.  On the way home, the Child decided to root around and see what CDs my parents had floating around.  We then discovered a stockpile of mixed CDs I made when I was in high school and early university.

We had a laugh.  I was a pretty emo and yet mainstream sort of youth with a touch of obscure music in the mix.  Some of the stuff was depressing.  A lot of it made us laugh.  And a few still make me think, “what was I thinking?”.

One of the most ridiculous finds was “Just Lose It” by Eminem, a past favorite of my Dad’s mainly for the humor in the lyrics.  We got him to listen to it as he returned us to our homes.

Other classic tunes from my younger years included a vast amount of Spice Girls, Creed, Blink 182 and Simple Plan.   And yes, the Arrogant Worms.

For those of you who haven’t had the good fortune to experience them, the Arrogant Worms is a Canadian Comedy band who write lovely and clever songs on everything from birthdays to politics to, well, cows.   I was introduced to them at band camp… Because I am cool like that.  And these songs are found on the CDs we discovered (not on the exact ones we listened to, but in the same stash).  They are also still found on my iPod, along with most everything else on those CDs.  They may not be played as often, but they are still there (okay, “Wannabe” may be on my top 25 most played list… Don’t judge).

For those of you who haven’t experienced the goodness that are the Arrogant Worms… My favorite song by the group.  We sang it at band camp, in harmony on the bus on the way to parades…. Repeatedly.  Because we are cool.  And the songs by this band are awesome.  But, see for yourself. 

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