Alone time, please?

I could really use some alone time right about now.

It seems that almost every day, we have been out and about doing something.  Most of it I enjoy, but it gets to wear on you after awhile.

I am an introvert, so as much as I do enjoy working with people and spending time with close friends, sometimes a bit of peace works wonders.  There is just something rejuvenating about a period of time alone to read and listen to music and just plain vegetate.

This evening, I spent some time planning a friend’s bachelorette party (more social stuff, but at least of the fun variety) and I stumbled upon this comic that struck me as so true and rather funny.

Image from Click the picture to visit her post.

I would have a great time at this party.  I will have a great time at her party too.  As long as I get some quiet time to myself not doing school work or other major house keeping (both things I normally find satisfying).

Then, I discovered this…

Image via chzmemebase.

I have to admit, this is something I seriously considered when I started dating Patrick.  He wasn’t as draining as some other people.  And I could tolerate long periods of time without wanting to curl up and not speak.  Always a win.

It also helps that Patrick is an introvert.  And a book worm.  So, we can happily spend hours just sitting together and reading and it is not at all awkward or straining.  And we get one another’s need for alone time.

People are awesome.  Introversion does not equal a dislike for people or social awkwardness.  But, it does mean that my energy is derived from having time alone and my preferred environment is that with fewer people and I prefer close relationships.  I don’t like extensive amounts of social pressure.

Beyond the whole introversion thing… Working full time and still making time to do the whole family/friends thing and all of the other stuff that comes with life is tiring.   Sometimes a day or night in is the most thrilling thing ever.

Image via Click on the image to go to the blog.

Even Jesus peeled every now and again for a break from the masses.  So, why can’t I take one too?


4 thoughts on “Alone time, please?

  1. I hear you. Both my wife and I need large doses of quiet/ alone time..she probably more than me. Glad you found a mate who is compatible w/ you in that area

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