Coffee Maker Challenged

In an effort to save some money and maintain our budget, I am trying to cut down on the volume of coffee I buy outside of the house.  Cut down.

Problem… My Keurig is at our other home.  And I am not.

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The good part about a Keurig is that you don’t really need to think.  The coffee generally tastes right.  And there is no measuring or thinking required.

Here, I have a little one cup coffee maker that came with the apartment.   Should be awesome.

The issue, however, is that I seem to be incapable of making a good cup of coffee in this coffee maker.  No matter what I try, it always seems to taste off.   Like throw part of it out kind of off.  I blame this issue on me never really learning to make coffee.  Except church coffee in mass (because, as one of the church ladies said, I am an old church lady in training).  Not coffee for one person.

At this point, I am questioning if it is the coffee I bought.  Because it tasted better just after I opened it.  But, still off.  But now it is more off.  And it was a really, really dark roast with a chocolate undertone (according to the bag).  Maybe it was more dark than I am used to.  Or the chocolate threw me off.

But then today, when I was considering attempting it again, I looked in the coffee maker.  There was dried up coffee stuck in places I didn’t know dried up coffee went (again, because I never really owned a coffee maker minus one year where I had a roommate who let me use hers).  I am now wondering if it was the stale gross coffee in the edges and such falling into my cup that caused this issue.  Maybe?

Thus, I have picked as much of the stuff out as I can. And I am planning on buying some proper coffee filters of the disposable variety.  And new coffee that didn’t expire Thursday.

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Then maybe my coffee will taste better.

Either that or I will conclude that I am destined to only drink coffee from shops and my idiot-proof Keurig forever.  I don’t think in the grand scheme that is so bad.  Just a little annoying while or budget is tight and I am living here.

I just wonder… I mean, coffee makers are pretty simple.  Theoretically.  Add coffee, add water.  Why can’t I do it?  I can make complicated meals.  I play multiple musical instruments.  I don’t think I have killed anyone yet at work.  Then why can’t I make a decent cup of coffee at home?

Perhaps this will make me more grateful for my Java Moose gift card and my Keurig sitting on our kitchen counter waiting for me.  And maybe I can still gain the coffee making skill.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Maker Challenged

    • Lesson for next time… Oh yes. I wished I had, but by the time I decided it was hopeless (really hopeless) it seemed foolish to make Patrick cart it back for me. Plus, that would mean another to cart back home afterwards.

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