Choir time!!

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Tonight is the first night back to choir.

I think I have suggested this before, but I am a huge choir geek.  I love to sing.  And I love good harmonies and choral arrangements.

The choir I am going to is the church choir I spent time with during high school and university… Okay, some of the choir.  A disturbing portion of them are dead or too feeble to come anymore.  But, I still like it.  Because I love to sing and I love the people… Not so much the repetition, poor singing of the harmonies in question or the awkward hugs, but one needs to take the good with the bad.

Since I am home for another few weeks, I thought it would be a good chance to spend more time with people, have a bit of fun and a few laughs.

Especially when people clap and sing in the same wrong place they have clapped and sung in for the past 8 years.  And the same old lady’s voice quivers over the other voices.  And one of the women sings soprano notes, but an entire octave lower.    Plus, this is one of the few places where I can sing tenor with the men when I get bored and most people won’t notice.  Most.

When I was in university, I would do homework during choir practice.  Because otherwise, I would talk with the ladies sitting near me and I would get in trouble.  The last time I was at choir, I was judged by one of the anti-cellphone ladies behind me because I was texting a friend (at least then I couldn’t get busted for talking).  The best part was, she didn’t realize I could hear her entire rant.

These are some serious head pencils. This would drain the whole pencil stock if I snatched all of these. Image from

The second best part of this choir is that we are provided with pencils and candy (but we have the pencils at the beginning and candy at the end).  Kind of like children.  I like the pencils.  I put them behind my ears and in my hair.  If you steal them, it comes out of my lovely friend L’s allowance (that is what you get for being the music minister’s real kid).  This was made even funnier when you realize she never had an allowance.  Once, I stole two in my hair.  And went to McDonald’s.  And then to the university to study.  Then, I noticed them when I got back home.  I returned them the next week and was told it was forgiven, given a good chunk of the city saw me sporting the pencils.  More recently, I stole a pencil by accident (again in my hair) and it made its way to our new apartment where we used it to hang curtains.

The current choir gowns are dark green.  The beauty of the choir gown is that even if you drop food on your clothes or look like a slob, the choir gown covers all.  Also, when the church is cold, it works as a snuggie of sorts.   They do come with troubles, though.  They are hot when it is warm… This time of year, they are hot.  Then there is the color.  The issue is that my current main purse is also green.  A different shade of green.  One guy at the church keeps thinking it matches.  It so does not.  And he points it out every time the two are paired.  It should be an interesting few weeks from that end.  Also, where I am more of a visitor, I don’t have my own gown, so I scavenge spares from people who are missing.  The problem is, I am short.   So, some weeks I look like I have no legs and trip.  No to mention the sleeves getting caught on railings, microphones and such.

The things that people say in choir beat the gowns.  I have alluded to my notes in the past.  Sometimes song lyrics are silly.  Especially if something is mispronounced, or old fashioned.  Sometimes, I don’t pay attention and then I make up my own words anyway.   Some of the favourite things said are the older folks whispering about the atrocity that are cell phones or where they are supposed to sing (while everyone else is singing, of course).

Okay, yes, I also like choir because it is a ministry and such.  But the practices are all about the hilarity.  And getting to sing.  And making up the odd action to songs too.  It is a pleasant break from the rest of life with some lovely and very unique people.

Talking about this makes me miss my med school choir.  Our attempts to be Glee-like and the vast amount of medical-related puns and stories in between the awesomeness of singing.

I am going to need to find something similar once I am back to our new home.   But, it can never really compare.

Please, share your thoughts!

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