Sunday Morning Dance Party

This morning before heading to church, Patrick and I had a dance party in our kitchen.

Okay, it wasn’t quite a dance party. It was more of miniature music fest.

We were heading to different churches today as a result of a diabolical plan we concocted in which Patrick was going to the church he grew up in with his mother (his Dad is away and his brother and sister don’t generally go to church) and I went to the church we usually go to because they are starting a women’s book study I am uber excited about (and will miss most of when we move back to our new real home permanently). The plan worked because I was on call, which meant, I could not go to the next town over for church, as it would take me out of my 20-30 minute time frame for getting to the hospital. So, Patrick could explain to people that I was working and that would be okay. And I can tell people that he is at church with is Mom and that is fine. We considered our plan high-five worthy (because we are cool like that).

I came home from rounding with Tim’s in tow and was humming to myself. When Patrick asked what I was humming, I decided to do him one better and play it for him.

The first song of choice was “Some Nights” by Fun.. I quite like the band and this song is quite catchy. In fact, whenever I hear it, I feel obligated to sing along… And maybe bob along a little. And this morning, there may or may not have been some full bodied dancing.

He recognized the song promptly. We debated lyrics and concurred it was a good song but it would not make the L & C wedding cut.

Lately, we have developed a new thing for joking about/picking out songs that our friends L & C should play at their upcoming wedding dance (they are requiring that all music be clean, which is more challenging than one might anticipate).

Because we got on the subject, I then threw out another song that I have had stuck in my head, “Everybody” by Ingrid Michaelson. I would totally dance to it at a wedding (but really, I would dance to a lot of things… I think if I drank and didn’t mind crowds and noise and such and could handle sleep deprivation, I might enjoy dance parties… Might). It would make the lyrics cut, but again, questionable for dance material and kind of obscure for the crowd at a wedding dance.

While listening to this song, I tried to demonstrate dance moves one might pull. Which then came to Patrick and I trying to dance around our kitchen-dining room. As a result, I kicked the table and wound up hopping around half laughing and half crying. Classic Trisha.

The end of “Everybody” has a cool clapping bit (you would know that if you actually listened to the song). Patrick tried to do it, but concluded it was hard. I, of course vehemently disagreed.

This brought me to the last song of our dance party. Our church here at home-home has a missions conference every September (and I LOVE it). The choir is attempting to learn a new “modern” song for it called “Jesus Hope of the Nations.” Our church on the Rock sang it all the time. Complete with clapping. And I love it. So, when it was hauled out at choir practice… I was pumped. I forgot that almost no one had heard it before. And that singing things with clapping is almost insurmountable. I got excited and still wanted to clap. Hopefully things get tighter and we will actually do it. I love it.

Patrick didn’t remember which song I spoke of. So, we listened to that on the way out the door. He remembered how to clap in it. It is simply off beat clapping, but still. He can clap along when he is there on the weekend. With me and the two other people who will participate.

The impromptu lame dance party made my pre-church morning (that and my awesome Sunday School class). We are embarrassing, but at least it is just in the privacy of our own home (this week). I am glad that God made us so that we can dance and laugh and enjoy ourselves. Even if it is being a bit silly by times.

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