Ice Cream Social

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than an Ice Cream Social?   Definitely not ironing tulle (though I wound up doing that too).

For some reason, the term Ice Cream Social makes me think 90 year old grandma, and yet, sheer awesomeness.


Because ice cream makes everything better.  Including any event ending with the term social.

Our church has these events called “Across the Aisles” in which they try to encourage people in the congregation to get to know one another in a non church service sort of setting.  They are generally put on once a month and run by the lovely CMF who loves a good social event more than the average bear.   Although I have never been in town to experience an “Across the Aisles” event… Or I have avoided the one or two I have been around for, I am aware that these often have a structured social activity that is accompanied by some obvious awkwardness.

This session was no exception.  Though thrilled by the prospect of ice cream, the entire fellowship hall had chairs set up in rows facing one another in a veritable speed dating style.  And it was indeed like speed dating.  One row moved every few minutes when the piano played.  People didn’t grasp that concept.  The Child and I had to keep moving our row along.

The orders from CMF (following a charming and cheesy devotional she acquired from a rather aged looking book and an awkward singing of “What a Friend We Have In Jesus” in which half the people did not know the words and were facing eachother) were that we were to introduce ourselves and then tell one another something interesting about ourselves.

Speed dating set up. As one of the guys I got to meet said, “This is awkward, everyone I met so far is married or a dude.”

My first partner was Patrick.  That was easy enough.  I then moved on to a few people that I know of and say hi to but don’t really know.  It was awkward.  I will be honest.  But I did learn things about people I didn’t previously know.

After about 5 cycles of meeting people, we were allowed to start in on the ice cream… WIN!

Ice cream buffet… With pop and dulse (how maritime-y).

The beauty of the ice cream social is the ice cream (not so much the speed dating, though the social with people you converse with normally or at least more naturally is not so bad).  It was a make-your-own-sundae bar complete with farm animal sprinkles.

The Child’s sundae.

I opted for cows.  The Child and Patrick went with the ducks.  It was pretty thrilling.

I was pretty excited about my sundae! The Child and I may or may not have dodged people like we were children to get the first sundaes.

We were allowed to enjoy our ice cream with the company of our choice.  That was awesome.  As much as I like getting to know new people and care about the people in my church community, there is a comfort in being in my own age bracket and/or with those of similar interests.  I believe in being inclusive, but not awkward in a speed dating fashion.

Food and people.  A combination that should always happen.  It is good to meet some random people, even in a somewhat strange setting.  At least then, you know who they are and they know who you are.  It makes things more personal.  Makes for better community, even if you aren’t best of friends.

Ice cream made the night.  The tulle that followed not so much, though we did have fun trying to choose wedding music simultaneously whilst consuming large volumes of iced coffee (this almost cancelled the tulle out… but not quite).

Please, share your thoughts!

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