My best friend L’s bachelorette party is tonight.

That means, I spent an evening attempting to make cookies that resemble a certain portion of the male anatomy and the morning cleaning my apartment so people aren’t scared to eat the food I produced.  I have also learned how to ripen avocados quickly (you can use the oven or microwave… who knew?).

It is exciting.  Because L is finally getting married after years and years talking about it.  And this marks the wedding almost being here and done.  And, she is the sort of person that gets embarrassed at these sorts of events.  Particularly with the cookies I made.  But, she’s a good sport, so it will be an all around good time.

And I almost forgot… This does have a piece of revenge from the event that was my bachelorette party photo scavenger hunt in which I had to do a variety of awkward tasks, like have strangers sign my shirt, buy a dollar store pregnancy test and pose for pictures in all sorts of random locales.  So, as much as this is aimed at having L have fun, it is also supposed to have a touch of awkward.

An adventure from my bachelorette party photo scavenger hunt.  I think the stranger taking this picture was laughing as hard as we were.

We are all old people like (well, myself and most of her friends), so we are being all exciting and going bowling.  Though, I feel like a rebel because we will be heading out later to see her brother’s band play.  This will be the latest night we’ve had in quite some time.  In fact, the last time we were this wild was when Patrick, our small group and I took her to George Street to do karaoke at this charming place called Karaoke Kops when she visited us.  We even got up to sing.  Because we are that cool.

Singing at Karaoke Kops. With our charming friends dancing. Who doesn’t love a little Spice Girls karaoke style?

Waking up for church should feel really awful good in the morning.  Our awesome Sunday School class should help, though.  And after church, lunch is provided by a lovely church family wedding shower (*pokes eyes out* because this is shower number five million and two).

I dislike parties and such, but the crowd coming is lovely.  And it should be rather funny.  Plus, there is food… And music.

But, I will be pumped once the wedding festivities are over.  Although, I will be super pumped next weekend for the actual wedding.


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