Top Ten Bookish People I’d Like To Meet

I have never been a person to want to meet people based on their fame or, really even reputation.  I just like keeping to myself in some ways.  I like people.  I find them interesting, but I find meetings with complete strangers without some sort of agenda turn awkward too quickly for my liking.

So, when I saw that this week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish was the top ten bookish people I’d like to meet, my honest first thought was “ugh.”  Because the thought of just having dinner with a random person makes me shudder.  But then, I thought through it a bit more and realized that despite my dislike for awkward encounters and my absurd lack of fascination with famous people, there are some people I would like to talk to.

  1. Kai Lee.  This guy wrote Computers in Nuclear Medicine, A Practical Approach.  One of the worst textbooks I have ever owned.  It was cheaply made (who coil binds a textbook these days), full of terrible analogies, typos and was dry as all get out.  Why, might you ask, would I want to meet him?  It is simple… To kick him.  The joke with Team Nuc Med was that we were going to find him at a conference, kick him and ask “WHY!?!” I am over it now.  I probably would just shoot a dirty look and ask why.  But, in the midst of the courses that used the book, kicking seemed fair game.
  2. Mitch Albom.  He intrigues me because he is actually a sports journalist and yet he writes these philosophical sorts of books. I know he often writes a bit about why he writes the books he does, but I would love to hear his logic in person.
  3. Roald Dahl.  Yes, I know… He is dead.  But, if I could, he is someone I would pick.  He has written some bizarre and yet awesome books.  I would love to hear a bit about what actually made him write all of them.  And some of his logic.  Plus, he just plain sounds like an interesting guy.
  4. A.J. Jacobs.  Anyone who likes quirky experiments is a winner in my books.  I get enough of a kick out of his antics and his writing, I suspect he would be entertaining too.
  5. Siddharatha Mukberjee.  This is the writer of The Emperor Of All Maladies, a fabulous book written all about the history of cancer, but with some very personal stories intertwined.  He is a medical oncologist and has a way of writing history that makes it interesting. Thus, I also think he might be interesting to talk to about that kind of history and such.
  6. Jodi Picoult.  I find it interesting how her books are so well researched for the most part.   It would be neat to find out how she does the research and what she has learned from writing the books she has and such.
  7. L.M. Montgomery.  Yes… Dead again.  But she wrote Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon  and such.  And I wrote a massive paper on her.  Plus, she is Canadian.  All things that would make her interesting to chat with.
  8. Anne Frank.  Yet again, dead.  I really need to stop that.  But, she sounds like a pretty cool kid.  And she went through a lot.  It would be neat to hear it from the horse’s mouth.
  9. Bill Cosby.  He has written books and he is funny and he is on a TV show.  He would be a riot.
  10. Ken Idleman.  I really enjoyed his book Not a Fan.  I think it would be neat to pick his brain about some stuff related to God.  Plus, based on the stories in his book, he would be interesting to talk to.

These are lovely sounding people, for the most part.  And they would be okay to meet.  Though, I am content to continue on with just the people I know already.

What book-related people would you want to meet?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish People I’d Like To Meet

  1. Good call on Roald Dahl! I had all living folks on mine, but if I had thought to include the dead I would have added Laura Ingalls Wilder and Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss!

    • Thanks! I was all about my dead people. Laura Ingalls Wilder and Doctor Seuss were both people I considered too… I just ran out of space and tried to minimize the dead.

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