My other best friend is getting married!

This is a short and sweet one today.

My best friend since the 9th grade, L, is getting married. Finally!

L and I at our high school safe grad sporting our super cool Sponge Bob ponchos.

And yes, on a Sunday. Because the reception venue is cheaper on Sundays and because both sets of C’s grandparents (and my grandparents, on an unrelated note) are celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary today. Best part is, despite it being a Sunday, we are still having a dance… Rebels we are.

She and her spouse, C, have been together for about four years and started talking about getting married around my wedding. Mind you, L, has been talking about getting married quite possibly since the cradle. And after a number of hiccups, countless freakouts and several of those in the wedding party considering physicially exploding, the day is finally here.

V and I even get to do a speech (because we are the co-matrons of honour because we do everything together). We should never be allowed to speech write together. It is trouble. We incorporated actions. Because we are that cool. Patrick is the best man and is speeching too. But more on that when I write about the actual wedding.

Again, I love marriage, I don’t like weddings, but I do love that it is my best friend’s wedding (and not the movie).

So, congrats L&C!


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