The Wedding… FINALLY!

L got married yesterday.

Her wedding was an event, just as expected complete with last minute tearing around getting things printed and all (somehow, despite running late all morning, we did go in to the church on time).  It was beautiful, though.  It was so nice to see them so happy and finally, after years of discussing and fighting about it getting married.

Our dresses were hot pink and floor length.  They were strapless, which was pretty, but they all kept sliding down (even though they were all taken in).  We soon mastered the art of the “dress hike.”  Our spouses didn’t get it, but any of the other girls involved could hike a dress with the best of them.  My dress was strangely loose… So, my dress hike ratio was elevated.  Thankfully, I have some lovelies who happily hiked for me.

A full wedding party picture… Stolen from C’s sister’s Facebook… Because I am good and creepy like that.

L’s brother looked all spiffy and walked her down the aisle and chauffeured the couple around in the car that L was brought home from the hospital in.  L’s Dad died a month before my wedding and her brother is just like him.  It was adorable.  Also, her Dad “played” for the signing of the book.  He was a church musician (and labeled everything as such) and always taped services (and would force us all to listen them to learn from it).  This habit turned out to be useful on big days like this where he would play if he could.

L was a beautiful bride.  And the happy couple was, well, happy.  Though, I must admit, they were no more disgustingly affectionate than they usually are.  We were grateful.

A more humorous moment was when the lovely couple was official announced by the wrong names.  And everyone clapped and cheered… And laughed.  And then the pastor got all confused and fixed it.

L recruited the bridesmaids, who all conveniently sing (some of us together on worship team for years) to sing a song based around a scripture verse that has been center in their lives since starting to plan their wedding.  The song is called “Today” and it is beautiful (even though I feel like we have practiced it so much it will never leave my head).

Child made them a slideshow of their childhoods/relationship set to music.  There were only two awkward kissing pictures (out of the 13 she received) and one picture of me in a sling (given my accident-proneness, we are lucky that was all that appeared).  It was sweet and kind of tear jerking.

Post-wedding, once we pried the happy bride and groom from the guests, we headed for pictures in a park.  Elmo was there.  Seriously, he was there.  Taking pictures with kids.  A few of the guys asked if he would come do pictures with us later.  Unfortunately, he finished up before we did.  There were some super adorable family photos.  We were eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Eaten.  As in the groom stopped at a drug store on the way to the reception to buy After-Bite.  A more adorable picture moment was when a little girl with the Elmo people saw L and was so excited to see “Cinderella.”  It was true, L did kind of look like Cinderella, especially to a 4 year old.  A more funny picture moment is when C, the groom failed at the jump shot repeatedly.  The entire wedding party (bride included) would be in the air and he would be crouching on the ground.  He would be in the air when we were all on the ground.  Over and over.  No matter what the photographer tried.  Poor boy.  It made for some funny pictures, though.

It was a series of precious, adorable, traditional wedding moments mixed with the funny things that make for fun memories (including the bride whispering loudly at the groom to say “I will” during the vows).  I am sure they will remember and cherish it for days to come… I know we will.

So, congratulations again L & C (L has developed a new obsession with reading this, so I will not be surprised if she is reading this while on her honeymoon)!

The reception was in and of itself an event all its own.  It warrants a separate posts.  True story.

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