Hello, Surgery!

I am actually torn right now between writing about the rest of the awesomeness and adventure that was L’s wedding… Or the fact that today was my first day as a surgical intern.

So, for those of you who are dying to hear about L’s wedding reception… You must wait.  Though… Spoiler… I broke something in a big, public fashion (fortunately it was an inanimate object, not me) and helped start a new trend.  Come back later this week for more info.

As I said, today was my first day as a surgical intern.  This induces masses of anxiety related tremors, palpitations and nausea from me.  Two months of surgery… Eight weeks.  Sure, I am somehow managing to pull of 2 weeks of vacation, thus decreasing things to 6 weeks.  But still, I am half terrified.

We also don’t have an awesome hall like this to hang out in. Plus, I am the lone intern on my service… And not a surgeon. My life is not at all like this.

This is not Grey’s Anatomy people.  Not at all.  Real life means very unflattering scrubs, significantly more crowded  hospital with fewer resources and no McDreamy.  Just saying.

I have written before about my pre-rotation jitters.  The ones I had for this rotation were surprisingly not that much more significant.  Well, except for the big rant I had at Patrick on the drive home last night all about how I was going to kill someone.  When he would tell me that it would not be me doing the killing.  I argued that I was a bystander and it was my omission that did the killing.  It went on like this for some time.  Not making much sense, but in my head I was perfectly logical.

This was also my first day back at my home-base hospital after being away for the last couple months.  Also strange.  My desk was as I left it, and my computer continues to be ancient.  Though, the screen did not want to turn on this morning.  Big fail number one.  By the time I signed in, I had to change all of my passwords.  That gave me rage.  I mean, I was gone for two months.  I still know my old passwords, why make me get new ones.  I am sure the hackers will figure it out just as quickly.  Plus, I really don’t know how many people actually hunt down resident’s user names and passwords to creep on other’s medical information.  Really.  Especially when I have been away.  Just let me keep my password.  Make the transition easier.  But nooo.

I somehow found my way to the residents’ lounge, which was where I was to meet my new team.  Thankfully, my very keen chief resident showed me where it was (yes, the surgical lounge) back in July (because it was totally useful then).   This only involved me wandering a bit, looking a touch lost and then finding the right door but chickening out only to walk in a circle and see the same people twice.   Why must I be so awkward?

The team seems nice.  At least so far.  It is also a big team – 4 residents including me and 3 clerks.  Eep.  But, helpful for the whole divide and conquer concept.

The team is a hepatobiliary surgery team.  So, lots of liver and pancreas.  Very interesting.  A lot of oncology mixed in there.  I am grateful.

One of the attendings likes to round around 5.  I think it is going to be a month of late nights.  Good thing the spouse is a superstar.

Although it was a busy first day with trying to get a grasp on patients and such, it doesn’t feel entirely insurmountable.  It will be a good learning experience and I will have good back up (at least I think I will).  The days will be long with rounds at 6:30 (I have to be there by 6:15) and 6 on Wednesday, but I am efficient, so maybe I can keep a good handle on things.

I am doing my best to say “yay surgery” because it means learning.  Including me having to present at rounds next week (at least they said I can do it on a related radiation topic).  Bonus is that my OR time will be limited due to all of the time I have to spend working on the floors.

7 thoughts on “Hello, Surgery!

  1. Who does rounds at 5?! Seriously?!
    Although, the Head Neck and Breast surgeons at our hospital like doing rounds at 6PM, and the vascular surgeons at 6AM. Fortunately I’ll only be doing those rotations in my final years.

    • Almost all the surgery teams here round at 6 or 630 depending on the day. And the staff come round whenever they feel like it. That one, in particular is fond of 5 because then it is the last thing for the day. Another just appears at random and a third seems to be at 8 am like clockwork (he is winning my rounding favor). Funny how everyone is so different with these things.

  2. Hey, that complete hospital tour of craziness was totally relevant your first week of residency. We nearly got lost trying to find the call room. Keen I may be, but hey, you found the lounge. 🙂

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