Happy Birthday P-Dott.

Today is Patrick’s birthday.

Sometimes, I call him P-Dott.  Because he went through this phase where he would wear his hat sideways to embarrass me.  That and he is quiet and quite the opposite of a rapper that the nickname makes him sound.

He was born a whole 28 years ago on the same day as Avril Lavigne, Canadian pop star (he will tell you this fact himself).   But, he seems to manage to find a birthday buddy everywhere he goes.

When Patrick was a kid, he was adorable.  

He was this blond haired little cute thing.  It is strange, he slowly morphed in to the Patrick we know today, but he really did change kind of overnight, at least in pictures.  One year he was blonde, the next he had brown hair and glasses.

The Child had his childhood pictures to make our wedding slideshow and she said it was kind of like he was slowly morphing, but also like his parents accidentally picked up the wrong kid at some point and kept him.

The truth is, Patrick looks like his Dad.  So, there is no mistaking who he actually belongs to.

I am glad this kid grew up to marry me.  Tonight is Pizza Delight supper.  Because the Birthday Boy eats free.  We do it or Boston Pizza every year (but Boston Pizza has been cheaping out with only free meal or free dessert), so Pizza Delight it is!

Happy Birthday Patrick!


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