A Speech, Medical Emergency and Dance Trend, All In One Night

How often can one say that they made a speech, dealt with a medical emergency and then started a new dance trend?

Not very often.

L&C’s wedding reception was one of epic proportions… I got the chance to do all three of these and then some.

As co-matrons of honour, V and I got to make a joint speech at the wedding reception.  So did Patrick as best man.  Patrick’s speech got some got some good laughs.  Especially when he gave C some delightful advice about sharing everything, including credit for gifts and told a few charming stories about C and the lovely couple (like this one time where we went camping with them and they got there first, but disappeared leaving us to arrive in the dark with nothing set up… and they were in their car the whole time we set up).

Our speech was epic… At least to us.  We had so many laughs just even plotting it out that by the time it came to giving it, we cracked ourselves up.  We also had the odd sappy part, of course… But funny predominated, complete with us demonstrating the creeping we did when trying to get to the choir loft while the pastor prayed to us showing a dance we do in the car to the song Numa Numa by Ozone.

We ended with a bang (after the other stories and sappiness that people presumed to be the end of our long winded story telling).

When we were in the 9th grade, L, V and I would (don’t ask why) say “brace yourselves” and bang our fists on the desk with a serious face.  We thought nobody noticed (everybody did).  We demonstrated this action to the people at the reception with the plan to follow up with telling the lovely couple that they are in for the adventure of a lifetime, so “brace yourselves.”  Unfortunately, when we demonstrated the first time, I hit a glass bowl full of questions to be answered in order to prompt the bride and groom to kiss.  The bowl shattered at our feet.  It was a classy moment (in retrospect, I am super glad one of us didn’t curse).  On the bright side, that meant the couple could no longer kiss (not so true, but I had hoped).

Shortly after speeches were finished, I got beckoned to go check on the photographer.  Our 26 week pregnant photographer.  Who was supposed to be on bed rest.

She apparently started getting terrible cramping pain in her back during our speech.

Aside from the curse words running through my head, there were two main possibilities I was thinking… Preterm labour or kidney stones.  Either way… Not good.  In fact, the only thing worse for me to deal with would be a surgical emergency.  Pregnancy is not my field of interest.

So, I go to see her where she is with one of the other bridesmaids and a staff member from the venue.  Based on her clinical picture it is about 50/50 which it is.  But, you always think the worst, despite not palpating contractions (and forgetting to hit her on the back).  And I wasn’t about to do a pelvic exam.

At first, she refused to let us call an ambulance.  It wasn’t until her husband arrived and she realized she couldn’t sit from the pain we called an ambulance.  And then, the poor employee that called the ambulance had to talk to the 911 person.  Who was asking questions.  And he really was uncomfortable with repeating the correct answers.  I kept repeating and correcting and questioning directions through the poor guy to the 911 person.  Not my most charming moment.

The ambulance arrived quickly.  But it took awhile for my nerves to settle after that fiasco.

Thankfully both mom and baby are fine.  It was kidney stones.

But then, the real fun came… If the night wasn’t eventful enough.

L’s brother sang a song he wrote for them as their first dance.  I cried.  It was beautiful.

L’s grandmother danced, as did most of our parents.

Not all.

We started a dance trend.

Much like the guy in this video dancing to Numa Numa that went viral and first caused my obsession with it… And thus the playing of it in my car.  And thus the car dance.

The song Numa Numa was on the wedding dance playlist.  We all got excited and proceeded to do our dance (basically repetitive actions).  Next thing we know, it isn’t just L, V and the Child doing the dance, but everyone on the floor.  Including complete strangers (to me) and C’s Mom.  Well, this got us all laughing.  Apparently someone asked Patrick what kind of dance we were doing and he just didn’t know what to say.  The fact that we had at least 20 people doing our silly car dance was amazing and bizarre all at the same time.

The dance in its entirety was a laugh.  We also screeched the song Hero by Mariah Carey (with actions) and serenaded N, our friend M’s Dad and L’s stepdad-to-be.

So, there you have it… The night I gave a speech, dealt with a medical emergency and started a dance trend.  Pretty eventful, if I do say so myself.


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