Travel(ing) mugs

Travel mugs really do travel.

I know, obviously they do.  That is why they have the name… They are portable.

And yes, of course they get miles being toted along by coffee lovers everywhere.

This is my MUN mug’s twin, minus the university name/logo. Poor thing got mangled, but I liked it.

I had this fabulous orange MUN mug in my first year of med school that had a handle.  I loved that mug.  It got so much mileage, that one time I hit it, in the bottle holder of my backpack, off a door frame and the handle snapped off.  So, I did what any rational coffee lover would do…. I super glued the handle back on.  Over and over.

Since that poor mug, which has since gone to the great coffee shop in the sky, I have had others.  In fact, my current mug count is four (though I have yet to add one of the four in the rotation).  I have a lovely orange LL Bean mug that keeps my coffee hot for hours that was a birthday gift from L.  I have a cool teal mug with a rubbery outside the Child helped me pick out at Indigo.  There is a much with my med school’s emblem in black leather on it.  And then there is my resident union mug.  Four mugs.

A reasonable person might use four mugs in a rotation to minimize dish washing.  But, in my head, it kind of adds dish washing.   Because then there are more dishes in the sink.

So, I try to use the same mug for at least a few days of the week.

But this is where the travelling mug issue comes in.

I work in a hospital with 9 floors.  I have patients currently spread over 5 units on these 9 floors.  When I  go in at 6, I have the mug with me.  I have two sips of coffee and then round with the team over the 5 floors.  Somewhere on the way, I put the mug down.

After rounding, we generally have a team meeting over coffee/breakfast.  I have to run upstairs to hunt down my mug (or drink a second coffee…. Depending on my mood and how much of a rush we are in).

During the day, my main purpose in life is to make sure our inpatients go home, get stuff done and generally don’t die.  So, I wander and run around a lot.  And the mug does too.

Mugs found and labeled elsewhere. Hopefully this doesn’t become my mug. Image from

Yesterday, I had two mugs floating around the hospital.  One I left the day before in an unknown location and the one I had brought that day.  Before I left work, I had to do a wander to look for my mugs (and ended up inheriting more work).

I am generally a person who doesn’t lose stuff.  Generally.  In fact, when things go missing, I freak out and wander around saying “I don’t lose stuff.”  But, when it comes to the mugs, I almost don’t flinch.  Except I am attached to the ones I have in rotation, so I do go on a hunt for them.

I love coffee.  I like to eat, so I can’t always buy coffee (plus I have a super awesome Keurig).  And thus, I have to travel with my travel mugs.  They may be developing abandonment complexes.  But, in the end, I always come back for them.


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