Fall is here!

It is the first day of October!!


But seriously, I am pumped.  Because the first day of October means Fall is here!

Yes, I am aware that Fall officially starts September 21 (or sometime around then), but in my head Fall is October and early November only.  It corresponds with the crisp, orangey season that I love so dearly.

Fall is awesome for a number of reasons.

It loosely correlates with back-to-school, a time I generally love (well, loved, given I am no longer in school).

I love the crisp coolness of it all.  The air is clear.  It is not as hot.  Indoor heating is still kept low.  Pollens are low.  My asthma is at its happiest point it is all year.

When we were living on the Rock, it was actually the nicest time all year.  It had the best fog/rain to sunshine ratio.

The trees outside my apartment on the Rock in first year.

My favourite part of Fall is the leaves.  They are totally in my colour spectrum… Yellows, reds and of course, my favourite, orange!  Plus, when the fall, they make for all kinds of glorious leaf frolicking.

I wanted to get married in the Fall.  Like my Aunt (people say we are quite similar).  But, school put a wrench in those plans.  August was as close to Fall as we could swing.

On the bright side, my lovely photographer-in-training friend, the Child said she would do some photos of Patrick and I (and my parents) sometime in the Fall… With leaves!  If we all have time.  Win!

I have a number of friends who think me odd for loving Fall so much.  Because it is the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter and all that all around badness.

Plus, as D puts it, “Fall is death.”  Everything in the Fall is fleeing or dying for the winter.

Well, actually, it is more like hibernation.  And honestly, I embrace death as a part of life.  In fact, I think it is a beautiful thing in some ways because we are all part of a new life in Heaven.  Just like the leaves and such get a new life the next year.

So, despite it being a day of death in other ways, the first of October is good in my books. No, I didn’t kill anyone at work.  But, we did find out that Jag (the car) may not live to see the new year.  On the bright side, I got out of work earlyish and it is the first day of Fall (at least in my head).


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