Thanksgiving Thankfulness 1

It is Thanksgiving!

To celebrate the season, I am going for a Thanksgiving “Thankfulness List” for my posts on Thanksgiving days 1 and 2 (aka Sunday and Monday).  I have a lot to be thankful for.

  1. A superstar husband who puts up with the crazy hours of residency and my strange baseline idiosyncrasies.  He has been driving me to work at 6am with minimal complaining.
  2. A very supportive and loving family (that also puts up with my strange baseline idiosyncrasies).
  3. Friends both near and far.  I got an email today from one of my small group friends on the Rock and I remembered that we are so fortunate to have great people who care about us, even if we are far away.  Being closer to home, we get to see all kinds of lovely people more than we have for years.  It is amazing how people you are close to can remain significant through all kinds of changes and distance.
  4. Refrigeration.  Sometimes, we forget how rich we really are.  Only a small portion of the global population has a refrigerator to keep food cold.  And a smaller portion has food to fill the fridge.  We have both.  We are rich.  Even if it doesn’t feel that way much of the time.
  5. Good books.  Many people can’t read or don’t have access to books.  We live down the street from a library and have the means to buy books.  That is pretty huge.
  6. Jag.  Our lovely and somewhat aged car.  Jag has carted us all over the place with minimal difficulty.  I wish we could keep him forever, but it seems he may be reaching the end of his lifespan.  It appears we will be able to keep him a bit longer and that is exciting.  I am grateful we have a car.  Even if we have to sink money in to keep it running.
  7. Hot sauce.  It makes everything taste better.
  8. Television on the internet.  With my schedule, I often can’t watch television shows on time.  This way, I can catch up when I have time.
  9. Birth control.  I really want children.  But, having children is not always ideal.  It is nice to have at least some choice in the matter.
  10. Sumitriptan.  It may give me chest pain, but it takes away migraines and that is a good thing.

To be continued…


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