Thanksgiving Thankfulness 2

As I said yesterday, it is Thanksgiving here in Canada and we are lucky enough to be home!  I have compiled a list of 20 of the first things that popped into my head that I am thankful for.  Ten were yesterday.  Ten more today.

  1. Fall leaves.  As I mentioned previously, I love Fall.
  2. Pocket-sized reference books.  There is so much in medicine to remember, especially at the point I am at, these pocket references often save my butt more than I probably should want to admit.
  3. iTunes.  I know, everyone has iTunes these days.  But really, the convenience of buying music song by song from your computer is pretty neat.  I think we forget that sometimes.  But it is!
  4. Flannel.  It is warm and it has a great texture.
  5. God.  Really, where would we be without Him?  Ummm… Not here.  So, obviously, He is pretty important.
  6. Good Lattes.  It isn’t every day one gets a really good latte.  Patrick gave me this nifty gift card for a coffee place at home that makes fabulous lattes.  The Child and I have a new fascination with them, particularly those made by this one guy that works at the shop in the mall.  His lattes are the best!
  7. Sunglasses.  I haven’t owned properly visioned  sunglasses in years.  I had some prescription ones, but I couldn’t see well out of them and wouldn’t wear them.  I bought some cheap non-prescription ones in PEI a few summers ago that I loved, but I really couldn’t see out of them.  Finally, when I got  a new prescription last winter, I decided to get sunglasses.  Red Ray-Bans.  They are awesome and fun.  Plus, sunglasses are like a drink of water for the eyes (or so Patrick says).
  8. Long-distance plans.  These got me through many years of living away from Patrick, various family and friends.
  9. Re-runs.  Who doesn’t love watching a classic TV show from your youth or childhood again.  I know I sure do!  Nothing like a little “Boy Meets World” or “Gilmore Girls” to make me smile.
  10. Calculators.  I love physics and such.  Without a calculator, these calculations would be much more difficult and would require the use of special tables and such.  A calculator makes it much simpler.  And  I just like pressing buttons too.

Thus concludes my thankfulness list.  I am thankful that I had a lot more I could have popped on the list.  Again, they may seem weird… But they were literally the first 20 things that popped into my head.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thankfulness 2

  1. I love these, they’re so genuine! You just couldn’t resist putting Flannel in there, could you? 😛
    Pocket reference books are amazing. I only have one, but still – lifesaver! (Literally)
    I didn’t know that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving at a different time from the States… learn something new every day. So happy Thanksgiving! (I’m thankful for blogs that connect me with medical people the world over. Taught me that I’m not alone.)

    • I am glad you liked them!
      Yes, Canada does indeed celebrate Thanksgiving at a different time. I guess to coordinate with the very slight climate/harvest difference. I have no idea of the real reasoning.
      I too am thankful for these blogs that connect me with medical people from all over the place. It is neat to know we are not alone.

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