Top Ten Places To Read

It is really no secret that I love to read.  And that I can do it pretty much anywhere.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the fine folks at the Broke and the Bookish is a “rewind” week.  Meaning I can pick any of the previous topics.  I decided, after a conversation with C1 about our common ability to read in the car to choose my Top Ten Places To Read.

  1. The car (don’t freak out… I mean as a passenger).  I love going for drives and singing along with the music and talking and watching the scenery.  But, the car, for me is also an awesome place to read.  I have been reading in the car as long as I can remember and there is something relaxing about it for me.
  2. Coffee shops.  I love coffee and I love books.  Coffee shops are my favourite places to study and also, in turn, read.  I like the low-level background noise and people watching, as well as the books and coffee.
  3. The beach.  This is another one that some people find odd.  I am incapable of just laying on the beach soaking up sun.  First of all, I burn… So, it is something that doesn’t happen.  And I like to swim, so I spend the majority of my beach time in the water.  However, when I am out of the water, I love to slather on some more SPF 50 and relax with a book.
  4. In bed with my husband.  We are both bookworms, so this happens often, though not as much as I would like.  Nothing is more comfy than cuddling up in bed with good books.
  5. On the deck/balcony.  We have a balcony now, so this is a feasible prospect.  But, I also like to borrow other people’s decks.  Fresh air, a comfy seat  and a book…  BBQ is also a good addition to this picture.
  6. Park benches.  It is cliché, but this is one of the things I really wanted to do in Paris was sit on a bench near the Eiffel Tower and read.  We did that, though we spent much of our bench time watching crows pick food out of a garbage can.  This is a possibility for me anywhere, though, including a local park when out for a walk or a Sunday School picnic with the church.
  7. The library.  It is not at all original, but there is something about a library that makes me want to read.  Not just all of the books, but the little quiet corners.  Libraries are literally made for reading.
  8. In a dish chair.  Those chairs from Pier 1 called papas an chairs… Or the cheap approximation we have Wal-Mart.  I really want a real one that I can actually curl up in, though.  They are just so cozy and built for settling in with a book.  At least in my opinion.
  9. The bath tub.  I am not a big bath person, probably because I grew up in a house where baths were the only getting clean option.  Patrick is a huge bath fan and often tries to get me to just soak in the tub after rough days in order to relax.  I have a difficult time just sitting there, so a book helps me relax and enjoy the soaking more.
  10. In a closet.  This is a flashback to childhood.  I loved hiding out in small spaces.  They made me feel safe.  Even during undergrad, I would occasionally hide out under a big desk to get some good reading done.  So, I think reading in a closet is still delightful, though I have somewhat outgrown the tendency.

I pretty much like to read anywhere, though these are some of my favourite specific locations.

 Do you have a special favourite reading place?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Places To Read

  1. I agree with most of these places, especially the car and the beach! Like you, I burn rather than tan, and just sitting on the sand is no fun. As for the car, I used to go on pretty long trips with my family when I was a kid, so I almost always read to pass the time. I do NOT read in the bathtub, however; I don’t take baths usually, and I’m afraid I’d drop my book in there!

    • Yay! Another car reader!
      The bathtub reading thing makes me nervous too… But I have started to chance it (usually with older, already somewhat mangled books) and quite like it.

    • I don’t know many people who can read in the car. I am grateful I somehow acquired the ability.
      I am glad we have some other places in common, though.

  2. In bed – with or without my husband – is my favorite place to read. In the bathroom is my favorite place to read when things are chaotic in the house with the kids & their friends over.

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