Feeling old watching the little brother

My kind of little brother (L’s bro G) plays in a band.  Okay, he plays in like three of them… And church.  He is ridiculously talented and a million times too hard on himself, just like his Dad.

In one band, he plays drums.  This one has a bit of an alternative/indie feel.  Not quite loud and seems to channel a Matt Good/Bon Iver feel.

In another, he plays electric guitar and sings.  This band has a harder rock type feel, but still is somewhat indie and plays more original music (or at least I heard more original music from them).  This is the most known band of the three he plays in.

His third band is a group for which he writes the majority of the music himself.  He does a mix of acoustic guitar, piano and vocals in this.  Original music predominates this group and although it is classified as “alternative” by him, I think folk could also be a good descriptor.

He cleverly happens to get a lot of gigs where one of the three bands plays opening and another is the frontline band.

Saturday night, L and I went to see him play, the superstar he is, in two of his bands.

This particular gig was at a smaller pub (that also coincidentally sells awesome Mexican food by day).  We quickly realized that L and I were, aside from the people working there, the oldest people in the crowd.   Two mid-twenty somethings in a sea of hipster late teen/early twenties.  It was one of the first times I have gone out and felt old, at least that old.

L was intrigued by the hipster kids and was convinced they were cool.  Because they were out at a concert.  And we are not cool.  I kindly offered up that they are basically me in undergrad (though styles were a bit different then) and most of these folks are indeed not cool, but music geeks.  I then learned she thought I was cool in undergrad.  Big laughs all around.  That is why I love L.  And hipster kids.  Being a geek is cool these days and it works out for me (and again, I am not so sure about the whole whether or not I’m a hipster thing).

Because of this, despite being old and the fact that my autistic tendencies cause my head to want to implode in pub-type settings, especially if I have to carry on a conversation, I still enjoyed myself.  I love new music.  Especially different groups.  And even more so because I knew one of the band members… And love him like he is my brother.  So, I was embarrassing and took pictures and all (just not as many as L).

G has wanted to do music for as long as I have known him (I first met him at L’s birthday in the 9th grade, where he was 6 and choking on a piece of birthday cake and being a typical annoying little brother).  His Dad was a church musician.  And a great one.  So is his Mom.  He was built to be a musician.  God definitely gave him a passion and a gift.  I think he will do well.  Especially given how well he is doing already in this small city we (er… they) live in.

Sometimes, I think we forget how good local music can be.  That there are people out there who are super talented and available to see (for just a $5 cover).  All that to say, go see a local show.  If you are near my home… Go see any of the three groups G is associated with.  You may feel super old and develop some temporary hearing impairment, but it is well worth it.


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