Pep Talk

When I was doing my surgery clerkship, I shared a locker with a lovely friend named M, who was one of my med school “people.”  Our rotations never aligned and we were rarely on the same schedule, let alone off at the same time, but we communicated via notes in the locker and the occasional post-call or evening coffee dates.

One day during my general surgery rotation, I found this in the locker.  It stayed up all year as a form of encouragement and I brought it with me when I moved.

I found it unpacking the rest of the office (yes, I am just finishing unpacking now).  It made me feel grateful for those special people in my life.  And that I have survived surgery in clerkship and  thus far in residency and will hopefully continue to do so.  If not, I will have to call M long distance… And take a field trip to hug it out.  So, it has to be okay.

What kinds of encouragement have you found this week?

3 thoughts on “Pep Talk

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