Goodbye Jag, Hello Chuck!

Yesterday was a mixed emotion day.

The bliss of surviving my first general surgery call was mixed with the overwhelming fatigue of being awake and tearing around the hospital most of the night.

My excitement of discovering the Being Elmo documentary (which I recommend for all) was dampened by my learning the funeral of someone I went to elementary school with was today.

We went out for sushi, which is sheer edible awesomeness, but that meant we got in later than I would like before a 6am morning.

We finally had to say goodbye to Jag (the car) and hello to our new friend, Chuck.

Yes, finally, after 318,000km, many trips around the Maritimes and much love (and money), we had to do the right thing and give Jag up.  A car with that much mileage starts to need more repairs than it is worth and our last visit to the mechanic confirmed that.

So, we started the arduous process of car shopping (well, that and convincing me that it was fiscally feasible to get a new car right now).

Last week, we went for some test-drives and Saturday we confirmed that we were indeed getting a new member of our little family, Chuck.

Chuck is a 2009 Toyota Corolla.  He is black and clean and has working air conditioning and an auxillary jack.  He is a big win.

He didn’t come named Chuck… Patrick and I had to choose a name for him and the Saturday we learned he was going to be ours we and our friend DB had a discussion about car names and tried to find something that would work.  We suspected Chuck might be good.  Like the TV show with the spy, Chuck is black and sleek, but pretty regular and yet awesome.  And it is a cool name.  Once we got in him and drove away, he confirmed it (okay, really, he was just fully functional and not making stalling type noises at stop signs, but we considered it a sign).

It was sad to leave Jag behind with his yellow “racing stripes” from when Patrick bumped a pole in the parking garage and the funky smell in the trunk from milk spilled last year and the broken volume knob that I tried not once but twice to superglue back together.  I guess the good thing is that Jag served us well.  He got us through our first three years of marriage.  He moved us to and from the Rock.  He carted us through four provinces and many a road trip without a hitch.  He kept us safe and warm (not always cool towards the end) and gave us the odd laugh.

We took Jag for a final spin and took some farewell pictures and then dropped him off.  Maybe he will love someone else.  Or bits of him will go on to provide parts for other cars (kind of like a transplant donor).

We will miss Jag, but we are grateful for Chuck.

Such is life with highs and lows, hellos and goodbyes.


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