MNO: Muppets, Need for Naps and Oddities

I am exhausted.

The brand of tired that makes you kind of silly.  And not want to get up from the dining room table because it feels so strangely comfortable to be sitting down again.

And I am on call again tomorrow… And Monday.

Surgery is not for the faint of heart, or the needer of much sleep.  Unfortunately, I am a needer of much sleep, so all I can say is ugh.

Patrick is sitting beside me watching Muppets videos.  Because they make us both happy.

I can do a mean impression of the Yip Yip Aliens.  Seriously.  I do the face and the voice.  Not the most useful talent, but it cracks us up.  Maybe I should haul it out next time someone gets angry or sad at work.

We really like some of the music video ones.  Even some of the less popular ones.  Like one that is the song Rama Lama Ding Dong.  The classic oldie song.  That I have on my iPod because I love it that much.  It reminds me of driving with my parents.  I belt it in the car all the time.  Patrick claims I am the only person he knows who loves the song that much.

But today, Patrick found a video we had yet to find before.  And we both watched it.  And have no idea what to think or say.  It was like a bad trip.  But, watch and judge for yourself.

Love the Muppets.  Miss the sleep.  Though, missing it makes the Muppets better!


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