A Walk in the Park

Like a toddler, after my post call nap and feeding me lunch, Patrick took me to the park to play.  Okay, really, he took me to the park to wake me up/cheer me up, but still.  

I have been feeling indoors-bound.  I go to work in the dark, I come home at sunset and by the time we eat, it is dark.  I worked all day yesterday and although my plan was to walk around the front yard of the hospital, it was too busy to squeeze that in (plus it rained).  So, when I woke up to realize it wasn’t cold and wasn’t raining, I was pumped to go on a field trip.

I brought my camera and got some lovely pictures of the Fall leaves while Patrick laughed at me and intermittently threatened to throw me in the heaps of leaves in the bushes (which I would have loved had it not been all soggy from last night’s rain).  We watched the dogs run around the off-leash area and talked and enjoyed the fresh air.

Cute pond with ducks… No swans though. Disappointing. Safer for unsuspecting dogs and small children, though.

You could see this patch from far down the path because it was so vibrant. The tree above was just about bald. It clearly lost its leaves earlier than some of the others.

We found mushrooms. And sang “Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth.”

Some people say they don’t need church because they can worship God in nature.  I still feel strongly about going to church because I feel like I need the fellowship and accountability and such.  But, given my need for sleep this morning (because I had almost none last night), I had to miss out, nature was a good second church.

So much beauty!

This bench looked super pensive to me. I wanted to sit in it, but was at risk of not getting up again.

It was the best hour I have had in a while.

4 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Beautiful pictures of the park. That bench is a great thinking spot overlooking the pond. There may be no swans, but we do have a snapper- turtle that is and not whippersnappers.

    • Thanks! I love that bench.
      You have not experienced the craziness of park swans to know how awesome they are. Mainly to watch them attack dogs and make beelines at things approaching their food.
      I am intrigued by the snapper turtle you have mentioned more than once, but I have yet to see.

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