Snaps, cracks and other adventures in being accident prone

Sometimes ridiculous  things happen to a person and you just have to think, “why!?!?”

Today, while rounding with the ENTIRE team, we were walking down a flight of stairs.  I was talking to one of the clerks about their call shift last night and not paying attention to where my hand was.  Somehow, I fetched my pink finger on the wrong side of the railing as I was approaching the exit… SNAP.  I nearly left my finger behind.  Thankfully, it is well attached so I salvaged it and carried on with rounds without saying a word, aside from laughing with the others who heard the crack.

Aside from that lovely I almost snapped my finger off feeling, I noticed that I was having a tough time with namely, the last two fingers on that hand.  Writing hurt.  One of the doctors shook my hand and I got a good jolt.  The other junior resident on the team noticed me staring at my somewhat swollen finger during rounds and volunteered to buddy tape it for me so at least I don’t bash the pulp out of it all day while working.

Way to sprain your finger the day your vacation starts, Trisha.  At 6:30 in the morning.  With a whole day ahead of you.

The thing I am grateful for is that fingers are well attached.  Also, I have sprained and/or fractured enough digits to generally tell the difference.  This is a sprain.  Some RICE and I should be good to go.

But yes, I have done this before.   Same finger too a few of those times.  The first time was rolling a basketball back and forth on the floor with my friend V at a cadet all nighter.  The ball bounced, I missed and it got me square on the finger tip.  The following summer, I fell up the stairs carrying my saxophone.  I saved the sax, but mangled my finger (that was a break for sure).  There was also the time I injured my left ring finger trying to catch a pair of gloves I threw (that were about to miss the garbage can) and instead hit the leaded drawers that are in the radiopharmacy.  Fail.

Even better story… For our second wedding anniversary, Patrick took me away for a few nights.  We stayed at a lovely inn and enjoyed coastal scenery.  The plan was to go whale watching.  I slipped on the wet stairs that morning, fell down them and landed on my forearm and hip.  We still went whale watching.  And then to emerg (much to my dismay).  There, they questioned me as if I had been shoved down the stairs (better safe than sorry), took an x-ray and as it turned out I just had a giant hematoma and strain… And wound up in a sling for a week.  With bruises that frightened my husband to look at.  A festive way to end the summer.

When I was a kid, I dislocated regularly… I never got to hang from things or get swung by my arms.  With good reason.  After a few dislocations and trips to emerg, the doctors were concerned and so were my parents.  They would try to get me to move so as to pop it back in before the trip to the hospital.  Thankfully, I grew out of it.  Mostly.  And now when it starts to happen, I know how to stop it from coming all the way out.  An orthopedic surgeon once used me to demonstrate the test for chronic dislocators.  I failed.

I spent a lot of time on crutches or in casts.  I fell in a ditch, I had a wooden case close on my wrist, I fell down an embankment… You get the picture.

One time my mom had to use a sanitary napkin to soak up the bleeding from my head wound from a fall I had on the way back from swimming lessons.

I am a bit more durable now.  And perhaps a bit tougher.  Or scared to do things to induce those sorts of injuries.

Also, I love to self treat.  Much easier than going to see a real doctor (don’t do this at home, kids).   Less embarrassing too.  In my defense, if there was actually something wrong, which there is not, I  would see a real doctor.  But, I am fine.  Sprains and strains are routine parts of life (just more routine for some than others).

This is less than the pain of those times.   Ibuprofen works wonders.  I am optimistic.

Of the million times a week I fall or crack limbs off of stuff, I am glad it is rare that I am impaired for more than a few minutes or hours.

I just wish I weren’t quite so clumsy.  Like this guy…


4 thoughts on “Snaps, cracks and other adventures in being accident prone

  1. Sympathies! You’re definitely more accident-prone than me. I’ve never broken or dislocated anything. Then again, as you might recall I have almost severed my fingers. I can empathize with finger sprains though. I played netball at school, and it happened so often!

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