L’Halloween et un chat

In medical school, a few of us in the class developed a strange obsession with these creepy puppets from the francophone TV show tete a claques.  There was just something about them that would crack you up. and then the dialogue was also priceless.

A favourite was the Halloween clips.  In them, these two boys are out trick or treating and have an obsession with, well, Pop Tarts.

I thought what better way to celebrate Halloween than watching these clips and waiting to see if we get any Trick or Treaters despite the tropical storm.

That and hanging out with our new cat, Jeter.

Hello there, Jeter. I like your green eyes… They match your bowl and your litter box.

We just got him this morning with much angst from me. I did a bunch of research and hemming and hawing over the whole thing.  But, in the end, Patrick being happy and me having the experience of a pet seemed to outweigh my fear of messes and the extra expense…Which we calculated to be minimal after his initial check ups and adoption fees (yay call stipend).  Plus, it may help to dampen my biological clock screaming for another while.  Nonetheless I am nervous about having a pet.  I apparently was acting like a crazy father just before a child came home from the hospital… Nesting and all.

His new favourite place, I suspect, on the ledge of the living room window watching the tropical storm go down.

He is apparently one year old (although we wanted an older cat and were under the impression he was 2 or 3 until we had already had him in the carrier on the way out the door… fail).  After visiting what felt like a ton of cats and inadvertantly letting one run loose around the SPCA, we decided on Jeter.  Big selling point for him… He ate his nametag off the front of his cage last night.  And he likes to be picked up.  He also wasn’t as huge as another boy we looked at or as timid as many of the others.  We will get along just fine.  Once I stop freaking out that we have a cat.  That part may take a while.  This is, of course, my first real pet (Patrick always had cats, so he is thrilled we finally got one, especially after our practice run cat sitting this summer).

Happy Halloween!

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