A Letter To My 46 Year Old Self

Dear 46 year old self,

Since I wrote a letter to us when we were 13 (and I am having epic writer’s block today), I am writing to you (myself in 20 years), as suggested by the Daily Post prompt.

I don’t even know what to say or what to ask because I don’t yet know you.  You probably know me much better.  Plus, when I think of writing  a letter to my future self, I always pictured my old future self.  Like 80 year old self or older.  Not that there is anything wrong with 46.

Right now, I am toiling away in general surgery, we just got our first pet, Jeter and Patrick and I are happily ticking along with marriage.

How is practicing real medicine treating you?  I hope that you haven’t lost your love for people and your passion for palliative care?  Did you manage to get some time covering the Hospice?  I sure hope so.  If not, you should look into it.  I know it would make us happy.  Remember to see the human side of things.  Don’t get to jaded, even though the system can wear on you.  Just remember back when you were where I was and the thought of actually doing oncology seemed wonderful compared to the grueling life of an intern.  Remember where you came from and how excited you felt when you were where I am.

How are the kids?  I am assuming we have kids.  I mean, I want them now, so I am sure there are some floating around by now.  I am sure they are safe and loved.  I hope none of them “need a whooping” like Patrick did, although odds are at least one of them is a touch on the wild side.

Remember to be the parent we wanted to be.  Bill Cosby and Ingalls family moments and all.  I am sure we are rather embarrassing, but really, where would kids be without embarrassing parents?

Did we ever get a dog?  I hope so.  Although right now, Jeter is enough of a handful.  Does he ever calm down?  Odds are.

How are V, L and the Child?  Their kids and spouses are all good?  Are they all still nearby?  I remember we used to joke that we would all like in the same neighbourhood and force our children to be friends and such.  Did that or some other rendition happen?  Or is that as silly as it sounds to type? Remember the year you survived all three of their weddings?  Well, that was this past year.  I am wedding-ed out.

Where do we live now?  What happened after I finished residency.  I hope we got to go home, but if not, I hope you are happy wherever you are.   Remember small groups are important and so is a good church family, no matter how far your real family seems to be.

I hope life finds you well and that you are still happy.

Take care and see you in a few years,

Your 26 year old self.

3 thoughts on “A Letter To My 46 Year Old Self

  1. Dear 46-year old Dr. T. DM:

    Your 26-year old self is an amazing woman who walks unashamedly with the Lord and has such a love for people around her whether they be patients, family, or newish friends. I hope that in the next 20 years you’ve gotten a chance to bless more and more people around you and that you haven’t given up the hospice dream. Remember our deal: hospice for you and PCU for me….Partners in Palliative teamwork.

    From, old Dr. Bond….007 and international doctor of mystery.

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