A Wonderful Post-Call Day

I had one of those call nights where you just don’t sleep.  It wasn’t ridiculously busy.  Nobody was unstable.  But everybody got sick.  One at a time.  For the whole night.  And thus, I didn’t sleep.

There was a point around 2 in the morning where  I decided that perhaps call wasn’t so bad.  Maybe I could cover surgery call and it wouldn’t be so bad after all.  And I don’t mind it because I am helping and getting paid to do it.

Then, 5 in the morning came.  I still hadn’t slept.  I decided that there are many things out there that sounded more fun than doing what I was.

Strange how things like that happen.

So, I decided to seek out the things one needs to make a good post call day.

I had a great post-call nap. 4.5 hours… Just enough time to feel decent.  Not so little that I can’t function.  Not so much that I can’t sleep.

I got some post-call cuddles with Patrick and the cat.

I got to have a post-call outing with the Child who is visiting for the week.  We did a bit of shopping and checked out a new-to-us cafe downtown for lattes.  They were the prettiest lattes we have ever had.

The leaf is mine because I am Tree and the heart is the Child’s because she is lovely.

Then, we got to go out with the Child and her husband for delicious supper with good company.

And… Back to bed.

This was a beautiful post-call day.  If only I wasn’t feeling so post-callish.

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