Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This week’s weekly photo challenge with the Daily Post is entitled “Renewal.”

The first thing that popped into my head was the stack of books that Patrick generally has in our house past their due date (I think libraries should have his photo up as either Public Libraries Most Wanted and/or Best Donor).  They need to be renewed.

Renewal can be so many things, physical, spiritual and somewhere in between.  I couldn’t settle on just one picture for this because renewal means so many things to me beyond the library books.

Renewal is a warm latte in a beautiful mug on a cool fall evening after a long week of work.

Renewal is sitting on a beach after a long hike, enjoying the sunshine and the company of wonderful friends.

Renewal is the budding of new leaves, the fresh green grass and cold, crisp streams of spring.

Renewal is the joy felt when seeing bright and vibrant flowers in bloom.

Renewal is the way an iceberg flips and breaks and melts while traveling in the ocean.

Renewal is the joy and laughter of dancing like fools and knowing you can spend the rest of your life with that fool.

Renewal is being with amazing friends through new beginnings.Renewal is all of these things and more.

What is renewal for you?  Don’t forget to check out some of the other interpretations of renewal on the Daily Post!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

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