Remembrance Day

We went to a Remembrance Day ceremony today.

It is something I have done for most of my life minus a few years of illness or extra severe weather.

I considered briefly last night in my overtired state not going.  But really, that isn’t an option.  An hour of time to go to this service is extremely important.

First of all, I am grateful for our freedom and the sacrifices people made back in the day.  The thought of living with the consideration that my spouse or I may get shipped off to a foreign country and put in significant danger is not something that comes up for me.  That has not always been the case for some people.  I have never lived in a country that had wars or excessive violence.  There are people who helped make this happen.

Plus, it is awesome to go out and support the veterans who are local.  Not just the adorable elderly men and women who still come out with their walkers and wheelchairs and do the march past with help.  But also the people who are my age who go overseas on peacekeeping missions.

It seems mind blowing, but I know two people who died while on missions overseas.  One was a guy I went to high school with.  We were in the same 9th grade class.  Another was a guy I went to cadet camp with.  I was really close with his younger sister.  Both of them were young men with bright futures who died very young because they put their lives at risk to help protect others.

The thing that rots me when I think about these guys I know and the adorable elderly people who survived so much and the fortune we have living in a free country is that there are people who don’t seem to care.  Many of them are my age.  They just carry on like it is a normal day.  Some argue they don’t like going to the ceremonies because they are too “Christian.”  Who cares.  You can show gratitude and ignore God if you want (not that I recommend it).

Where Remembrance Day was on a Sunday this year, our home-home church decided to still have a service, despite the overlap because some people can’t stand to have their routine changed.  I like worship, but it is one day.  And an important day.  A day I am pretty sure God is cool with us honoring.   Because He hates war as much has we do.  And loves people more than we do.

I don’t think Remembrance Day is pro-war.  I am not pro-war at all.  In fact, despite once being a part of a para-military organization, I am not a big fan of the military, although I think given the state of our world it is necessary (unfortunately).  I do, however, support the people who are brave enough and committed enough to be in the military and serve in those capacities.  I wish that wasn’t necessary, but where people need to protect our nation and also people in other nations, I support them in doing that.  It isn’t fair to go against those people, even if you don’t agree with government decisions.  The people are doing their jobs.  Just like we do.  And being in the military is more commitment than I have.  People die.  People sometimes kill people.  Sometimes things like that had to happen.  Sometimes they are unfortunate accidents.  Either way they go through a lot.  They need encouragement and honor because this isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Remembrance Day is a day to remember what we have, who we lost and what we have gained and the people who brought all of it about.    It is only one day.  We need to be grateful all the time.  But at least give them that day.

Here is a video they played before the ceremony.  It kind of projects my exact thoughts on the whole issue.  

Thanks to our military, their families and friends for what they do.  We remember them and the unfortunate victims of war the world round.

2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. What counts here is the morale of our military and how we can boost it with a touch of love from home. We have a great time here each month sharing, chatting, planning, packing and mailing our appreciation to our deployed.

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