Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram

This week’s writing challenge with the Daily Post is entitled “In an instagram.”  The prompt is to write about a moment in which your life was changed in a split second.

The whole notion is fairly mind blowing.  There are so many moments in life where looking back, they became turning points.  Instants in time where things changed trajectory.  Sometimes, I like to look back at those instants and wonder what if that hadn’t happened in that way?  How would things be different?  But, you can’t go back.  And I think that is good because although there are moments I would like to change; changing them may not bring about what I had expected.

I checked the contents of the bag.  “Easy” button from Staples… Check.  Bag full of treat sized chocolate bars… Check.  Little stationary kit… Check.  The letter in the card…. Check.  I opened the screen door looking around and hoping nobody was home.  I had planned it perfectly.  The whole family was likely still at Sunday night church. I probably looked suspicious.  I hung the bag on the door knob, shut the screen and ran back to the car where my three best friends sat waiting patiently.  We drove away.

A brief instant in time.  A moment.  A simple gesture.  The gesture did not take an instant.  It was brought about from months of contemplation and an act of sheer desperation.  He was leaving and he needed to know what I did not have the guts to say and yet I thought he knew.  The night before, after our “date” he dove out of the car after a few minute of awkward conversation.  I needed to know where we stood.

I would have laughed at myself if this were anytime before or after.  I laugh at myself now.

I wrote the letter.  It asked the tough questions.   The where is this going sort of questions that come with new relationships and big changes.  He was moving.  We were dating.  Sort of.  But there was no discussion of what would happen.  And I needed to know.  So, I wrote and rewrote it.  Then added the other stuff so it would be a good hearted going away present.  I dragged the friends with me for moral support.  This wasn’t like me.  Not at all.

I waited by the phone.  I didn’t want to be that girl.  But, for the first time in my life, I was.  I was not a fan.

He found it.  So did his whole family.  They all knew.  They thought it was sweet.  He called.  We talked.  We went out for coffee just before he left.  We talked.  We went out on our first “real” date 4 months later when he came home for Christmas.  And emailed and talked every week.

A few years later we got married.

Funny how things like that work.  Something as foolish as a letter and a gift.  A brief moment in time and break in sanity.  Something outside of my normal behavior pattern and yet not.  That established what would be our future.

I am glad I found the “easy” button and the candy.  I am glad I stayed up all night writing a letter that I am sure would seem foolish now.  I am glad it became a joke and a little piece of our story.  That simple moment.  A split second that changed life.

This picture happened early on after we started dating and telling people we were dating. Much debate goes into whether we are holding hands here. We are not. I swear.

What are some of your split second life changing moments?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram

  1. We may not be holding hands completely but as I remember you reached out to hold a couple of my fingers. Just saying! 🙂

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